Came in my best friends sister's underwear

So the story is that I went out into town last night and went from pub to pub. We were out for 6 hours whilst my friends were drinking I was staying sober. Anyway it reaches 1:30 am and we had got to my mates house. Everyone else left except for me so I stayed at my friends house. When we got there I asked where his sister was and he said she is at her friends house for the night. She is gorgeous even though she is 17 I'd still f*** her I'm only a year older. So my mate was p***** and went to bed. I slept in his sisters room because that was vacant. So here I am laying down at 3 am and I had an urge to search her room to find anything dirty. I couldn't find anything but came across her underwear drawer. I searched through them and found some sexy as f*** black lingerie and so I took them out of the drawer. I knew I shouldn't but I ultimately decided I would take my pants off and start jerking off. Soon enough I was just about to c** so I picked the underwear up and shot two huge loads of c** into her panties. I made sure they were absolutely smothered in my c** and put them in her drawer exactly like I had found them for her to come back and put on her gorgeous body. Just the thought of her wearing them c** covered panties is such a turn on as well as thinking about that tight p**** of hers. Next time I'm going to sneak in and c** on her face when she is sleeping (She is a heavy sleeper). Lucky me.

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  • Please Don't Do This, It's Rape. Don't. Please. I Beg You. I really don't care if she consents, if she does, wait till she's legal! if her brother finds out, First: He might kick your rear, Second: He might call the police on you! best friend or not, you would have commited a crime!

  • Why aren't you making an actual move on her though? I mean if she's as hot as you say... Does she have a boyfriend or something?

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