Best friends daughter

When my best friends daughter was 9 years old she started growing a great pair of t***. Before this I never saw her in a sexual way but she started wearing loose tank top shirts and short shorts or shirts. She never wore a bra so every time she bent over I could see her t*** clearly. It only took seeing them once but after seeing them I was always looking and waiting for the opportunity to get a better look . Sitting close so I could get the best look possible. One day her parent's were in the other room and she was on her laptop playing a game on the floor at my feet . Again she was wearing a loose shirt and I couldn't help myself from looking at them . Eyes glued thinking about how amazing her nipples would feel between my lips . She suddenly looks up at me asking for help with her game but caught me looking down her shirt . I thought she would have told her parent's but she didn't she actually started teasing me with it . By bending over in front of me trying to catch me looking . Which obviously she did every time I looked. This went on for a couple of months then I stopped by one night to go out for a few beers with her dad . The door was unlocked but almost everythingwas gone . They moved and I had no idea how to get a hold of them . As I looked through the apartment and got to his daughters room there was her mattress on the floor and a few of her clothes on it . I stood there for a minute thinking about how I was a shame that I'd never get to see her again and I laid down on her mattress. I could smell her in it and instantly started getting a h****** and started masturbating. I noticed in the clothes she left behind was 1 of her bras so I wrapped it around my c*** and used it to m*********. Thinking about how it would feel to have her naked body on top of mine . When I was about to o***** I had a thought that the might come back for the rest of their stuff and thought about how big a turn on it would be to have her sleeping on a mattress that was covered in my come and not know it . So I blew my load all over it and spread it around so it wouldn't be noticed if they did come back for it . They never did .
2 years went by and 1 day I got an email from her father saying that he moved his family up north for work . That he had split up with his wife and was living with his daughter and new girlfriend . He said he missed hanging out with me and asked me to come down for the weekend . I jumped on the opportunity and went down the following weekend.
When I saw his daughter who was now 11 she now had b-cup t*** and has a great body. The night I got there after everyone went to bed she came out and said can I ask you a question. I told her ya and she asked me with a smirk on her face . "Who other then my mother is the biggest s*** you know" I was absolutely floored . I asked her why ? Do you think your a s***? She said yes . I thought for a second and knowing it was wrong I told her that she's not a s*** . I wish you were. Then she started walking to her bedroom . I walked up to her room and said . Your not a s*** but I will show you how to be if you want looking her body up and down . C*** hard as a rock . She responded with ya right. I told her I was serious and she just had to ask . We then went to sleep . The next morning she asked me to f*** her when her parent's weren't around . I said I'd love to . There's a lot more to my experience which is something iv always wanted to tell another person so if you want to hear it let me know .. and if you have an experience you'd like to share I'd love to hear it


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  • You are a s** predator pedophile. Your kind needs to be sent to the next world sooner rather than later you piece of S**t excuse of a human.

  • Don't listen to this idiot, your a legend dude and I want to know more;
    How she felt
    Did you shoot your load in her
    Did she moan as you f*****

  • I never did c** inside . Not for not trying . She was just so tight that with the amount of effort that went into f****** her I just couldn't but did on her face . Yes she moaned . I was surprised but she had already had s** once before I got her so I didn't have to be too genial with her and she loved it . Asked me on several occasions to duck her as hard as I could. Over time I tried not to hold back and give it to her hard like you would a woman and over time it got a little easier but my c*** was too big to just pound away on her p****. Have you had any experience of any kind with someone under 16?

  • I find it hard to understand why a grown ass man would find a dam 10 year old girl with budding b****** attractive unless you're a pedo? Are you a pedo? Some men find 'matured' girls attractive even if they are relatively young (not that young) but maybe early teens? But even that's pushing it. You must be very desperate to feel this way about a young lady who is immature in every sense. I believe pedophiles are very sexually immature and have never gone past the initial obsession when they first experiencing hormonal influx as a young's like they are constantly trying to relive the thrill because they themselves are immature...or you just can't get a real woman who is willing to take an emotionally immature person like yourself. But if that father ever finds out he's probably going to want to kill it even worth it? And if this crap is a joke then it still goes to show how perverse you are for even thinking about writing may not have happened but you've obviously thought about it..get some help.

  • Ok lets hear it

  • My stepdaughter touched my c*** and shes only ten..

  • Let's hear about it

  • I want details

  • Check out the second part of this

  • Fake

  • Completely true

  • Your a legend

  • There's a part 2 to this in these posts . It took place over a year all together with a 2 year pause in the middle. Becomes more graphic

  • Lol

  • Had not to notice a sexy young body

  • She was super sexy too

  • You there pal......

  • Yes I'm around lol

  • Ive two daughters and an older son..

  • How old are your daughters?

  • Hope ya daughters are sexy

  • Sick short eyes b******

  • Not sure what your saying

  • Pedo

  • That's sounds amazing

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