Confused married guy

30yr old male, married, sexually confused. Only ever been with women, but love s****** p***... a beautiful woman, with medium to large t***, slim petite build but with a large hard c*** turns me on!

I only have a 5.5 inch c*** so she'll probable have a bigger d*** than me!

I fantasize about all sorts, being the man and f****** a sissy, and then wearing little panties and bra being f***** like a naughty s***. Anybody want to write me some filth of what we could get up to.

Men who want to abuse me can join in too....

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  • Your not confused at all. You know just what you like. I too am married but my wife isn't interested in my tiny 4 inch pecker. So she screws men who are much bigger and I watch. I like it when they let me clean their peckers after they have taken care of my wife. I lick them clean it's so yummy. Maybe we could get together I'll lick you nice and clean oh yes. Plus I might be able to get my wife to sit on your 5.5 incher. Would you like that? I bet you would. Then you and I could have fun enjoying our little selves. Darn now I'm h****.

  • Wow! I'll take care of your wife for you. I'm like 8.25 and it's pretty fat. You could clean it after I pound your wife's p**** f****** good. I love guys with tiny c****. Love taking care of their wives and girlfriends yeah baby.

  • Sounds like it’s not being confused more like a needed desire your wanting to explore. I didn’t share mine with my wife because I didn’t want her to freak out or think it effected our relationship. When I was in high school at a friends house he was changing my mouth dropped seeing how huge his c*** was. I complimented his size and conversation lead to both getting naked and hard comparing and giving hand jobs. I phase of us doing this just touching while I did have a desire to suck him never did. We was in no way gay we both had girlfriends and love p**** and t***, this overwhelming desire to explore more with him never went away. I felt allot of regret we have always been good friends but we only went thru that s** phase stuff thru high school. I decided the next time we was hanging out without our wives around I would bring up our past. Luckily he was just as excited talking about it and we got naked jacking each other off. I told him how I was always nervous and embarrassed about wanting to suck his c*** and do other stuff. He said don’t be embarrassed he wished I had told him, I laughed asking you would had let me suck you. Yeah he said and I started giving him a b*******.

  • Before we had did allot of talking while messing around I would call him a BIG C*** STUD, MR. THICK D*** and MR MUSHROOM HEAD. The size difference still the same mine a little over 5” long and just under 5” around compared to his 9 1/2” long 6 3/4” around FAT P**** was his other nick name I gave him. Suck my C*** you LITTLE P**** was my nickname. I did just that choking ok his c*** giving him my all wanting to leave a good impression. Wanting to show my appreciation and affection made sure to satisfy him to completion swallowing his load. It was also to my own selfish long awaited desire nothing felt then nor ever will feel as cheating on my wife. After we both laid there satisfied it was a long silence before he asked what other things I thought about. He started getting between my legs laying his long floppy thick c*** on my c*** something I always enjoyed him doing. Many things have pasted thru my mind I told him over the years since, I asked him what he thought about back then. I felt the pain of his finger up my ass he gripped my skinny limp p**** that cam as I had swollowed his load. Continued

  • Why not discuss your sexual fantasies with her? The worse she can do is refuse.
    I probably wouldn’t dive into it right away.
    Do you ever think about f****** any of her friends and visa versa?
    Feel us in on her sexual past?

  • He's got a 5.5 inch c***. His wife has no interest in doing anything with that what woman would. She can contact me though I'll take good care of her and he can then lick my huge d*** afterwards. Besides he would rather have a d*** anyway. Just one with b****. LOL

  • I'm not sure she would understand, especially as she lacks the very thing I'm looking for.
    We had a threesome once with a kinky friend of hers, but then when my wife went to sleep, I went for seconds and her friend dominated me, it was amazing.

  • I could EASILY remove your confusion by forcing you to submit to me, and that's what I would do. I would NOT allow you to change roles, however, going back and forth between master and slave, just to satisfy your own desires and whims. No. You would not be given a choice. You would immediately become my b****, and I would give you a collar to wear to acknowledge that status. If you ever -- EVER -- tried to take control in the relationship, or ever tried to disobey, you would be beaten. All that said, I doubt that you would want to resist my superior position, because -- yes -- I have the c*** you were looking for. I am much larger, and much longer, and much thicker, and much better than you. And I have medium-sized but very feminine b******. Once you got accustomed to your roll, and accepted your inferiority, and once you got a taste of my c** (I am utterly delicious), you would be eager to comply with my every command, and would quickly begin to anticipate my needs and give me what I want even before I instruct you. You would become a w****. You would become MY w****. I would not dress you as a girl, because you are so NOT a girl, but I would surely treat you as the inferior little s*** you are every moment that we are together. We will speak of your wife another time, but let me just say this about her for now. I suppose you loved her when you married her (or felt something like love for her), but I will absorb every ounce of your love -- and every drop of your c** -- from the beginning of our illicit and totally immoral (and totally depraved) relationship until the end of time. She will be meaningless. You will never never never never NEVER allow her (nor any of your horrid children) to get in my way in your life, or to deprive me of my use of you or your body, or to receive the benefit of your money that I declare to be mine. You need not leave her, but you will NEVER place her above me. NEVER. Are we clear?

  • Yes mistress! I am your slave, your possession, you own my body and my mind, I will never disobey my position but beat me anyway so I never forget. Please describe yourself to me. What do you look like mistress?
    I will learn your special looks and your tells for when I should drop to my knees and do my best to take your bigger, thicker, longer d*** in my mouth, and when to strip and bend over and have you f*** me like a worthless s***.
    Please let me suck on and fondle your beautiful feminine b****** while you have me on my back, legs spread as you pound my tight a******. My little p**** is standing erect for you.

  • There is something about being tied down and having to endure. Whipping or raping. Before and after you can be so aroused. During it's just pain and degredation.

  • You should understand that there can certainly be beauty and arousal -- and love -- in both pain and degradation. It's why so many people not only engage in and enjoy pain and degradation, but actively seek it out. I was taught this wonderful fact by a magnificent black bull master in NYC in the early 90s and I have been deeply involved in the BDSM scene ever since, up and down the entire East Coast, with all kinds of men (but not with my husband).

  • I did not realize how advanced (or how filthy) your perversion is: you have quite the appetite for trans girls, don't you? And you also seem to have quite the knowledge of the protocol. That is impressive and I'm pleased that you shared it with me. I'm also impressed that, as you wrote this, you were in the proper posture: naked (at least below the waist), with your c*** hard. You and I will fit well together, especially when you recognize your "place" as you did above, bent over and taking my c*** up your ass like the "worthless s***" you truly are. Yummy.

    I am 31, have been on trans HRT since my 20s and can easily pass for female OR male (depending on makeup and attire, and my mood). I am 145lbs, and I stand 5'11" in my bare feet. But oh my darling, in my tallest spikes, stilettos or platforms, I would TOWER over you, and use my height to intimidate you. My hair is chin length, brown (with very bright blonde highlights), and naturally wavy, although I have a collection of beautiful wigs that allow me to adopt any number of "looks". I mostly dress as a woman, but I can rock a man's business suit and draw women to me as well.

    While I do love f****** a man who's laying on his back, my preferred position for you will usually be in the FDAU position: face down, ass up. You will quickly come to recognize that as your "Destiny Pose".

    Now, darling, I want you to consider one final thing. We have been in a very limited communication with one another, and for less than a day. But in that period of time, I already know things about you that your wife has no clue about. I know things about your desires that she would never believe, and likely could never visualize or imagine, much less give you. I have never touched you and yet...…. you are already in love with me. I have this effect on men, since even before HRT: they all love me. And so do you, do you not? And one final question. Do you love me more than you love your wife? Answer carefully and honestly.

  • Yes I have a desire for trans girls I had been too scared to explore, scared to fray away from "the norm". But my sexual desires are hard to ignore. I am fully naked, p**** in hand, with a small vibrator ready for my ass (this wouldn't be the first time). I have always been in control it's women but have desired women to dominate me, sometimes having to pay for the experience as some girls just never understood it. A "worthless s***" sounds like the description I need, as I'm no longer in control.

    You sound beautiful mistress! I am 30, around 155lbs with a slim build, a lightly muscular physique but am only 5'9 so I will always be looking up at you. I actually thoroughly enjoy the belittling of being shorter than a woman, if we went out and you were in your heels, several inches taller than me, I would instantly look like the b**** in the relationship, people would instantly think less of me and more of you, without ever knowing who f**** who behind closed doors. Your natural hair sounds sexy, I can only imagine you now taking full control of me.

    Please may I ask your breast size? And your p**** size? I am 5.5" hard but only 2.5" soft, a constant embarrassment in the gym showers but I accept the sniggers at times.

    My "destiny pose"... it has been remembered now, I am practising now, face down into a pillow, ass up, ready for your pounding.

    Oh wow, as I sit here stroking away, naked, fantasising about you commanding me, dominating me, abusing me at your whim, making me your b****, humiliating me, I get closer and closer, my heart beating with excitement, thinking about what you look like as I life my face off the pillow to see your face as you pound me, you may be correct...maybe I am...falling or already have fallen in love with you. Is it the moment, or is it in my heart... I want to kneel in front of you as you tower over me in heels, and your d*** stars at me at almost eye level, I want to look up and tell you, I love you my beautiful mistress. (Cont.)

  • Your final question is difficult and heart breaking. I love my wife dearly, we have been together for many years, we have been through a lot together, but she cannot provide me with the sexual satisfaction I crave nor the dominating and possession like attitude and feeling you give towards me. I love my wife. And I love you. I have opened up to you like no one else, shared my deepest desires, with no ounce of shame, just a desire to please you, to make you happy, to treat me as your worthless s***, your b****, in private or in public, why because I love you mistress. I love you. Oh my god, it's true, I love you more than my wife mistress. Oh... my.... saying out loud that I love you more than wife as she sleeps upstairs was the final trigger and know I have c** saying I love you mistress. X

  • Darling, I knew how you felt already, but oh how I appreciate your candor and your willingness to tell me honestly how much you love me, and to put it in writing. It speaks well of you, and your bravery, and it reflects your intense hunger for trans girls, their wonderful c**** and those amazing a*******. Several t-dolls will benefit from that in your VERY near future. Thank you, for them, and for myself.

    I'm a 34b: unlike many t-dolls, I intentionally refrained from making a s**-spectacle of myself when it came time for the implant decision, because I'm far FAR more refined than 95% of that crowd, many of whom embarrass me. That portion of my body that you were ACHING for, even before we met here, is 9.5 inches long when it's erect, and it is almost always erect. I can tell you, because I'm certain I know you, that just taking that portion of me in your hand -- even without touching your own -- would drive you to an o***** within less than two minutes. That has happened with many of the men in my life. There is one other thing that I must say to you on this topic. I'm so very happy that you have obviously been so very open about your length, but I want you to stop feeling inferior about it. Do that NOW. Yours is normal sized, and I fully expect that you know how to use it better than most of the big-dicked men who ridicule you. But here's the thing: my guess is that your c** is better and sweeter and more voluminous than theirs. I know this from personal experience with MANY men. I don't want your c*** because of its measurement: I want it because it's YOURS.

    In the next panel, I will discuss your wife. You should understand that I will ALWAYS make some manner of reference to your wife (never kindly), and to her sad inferiority. Her sad inferiority to trans girls in general, and to me in particular. Read on, my love, read on.

  • So...….. your wife? The concept makes me laugh. I've never met her, but I'm certain I know her, because I know her type. I used the word "sad" above, and that is so true. You may remain with her, but you must keep her in her place". I know you understand that, and I know you understand why. You are a very articulate man, and you have great instincts for t-dolls. And your sexuality is evident. So I needn't explain why she cannot interfere in what you are becoming.

    I have some homework for you for this weekend. On one of the next three nights (no more, no less), I want you to f*** your wife. When you go to bed with her, I want you to insist on s**. Don't let her off the hook. Prepare her in whatever your usual fashion might be, but get her going and revved up. Then, when you enter her, I want you to close your eyes, and imagine that it is me you're f******. Don't worry that the way you f*** her is not the way you'd f*** me, because when WE f***, I'll be doing the f****** and you'll just be taking the f******: the two things will bear no physical resemblance to one another, other than by the name of the act. But you must f*** her.

    I want you to f*** her like you've never f***** her before. I want all that pent-up appetite for trans girls to well up in you and for you to hammer her without mercy. F*** her hard. HARDER. While you're f****** her that way, she will ask what's got into you. You will tell her to "shut up and take it". I imagine your wife doesn't give you a***, because of what I know about her, so just wear out her p****. If she does give up the ass, take it: that will be more realistic for your endeavor.

    Once you've done this, report back here. But for now, read on.

  • When you came for me the other night -- with your wife upstairs, asleep (I love that fact and I'm intensely aroused by your including it.....DAMN!!), and with your love for me in your heart -- I am certain you will tell me that you produced more s**** in that explosion than at any time your life. I just KNOW it, but I want you to tell me that it's true. Why? Here's why.

    Not all t-dolls feel the same way I feel about this, but I feel strongly that producing a huge load for a doll is incredibly flattering. In fact, I take it as a sign of true love. But I want you to begin focusing on that, with each doll you go to be with. Be sure you empty yourself in her or on her (she will make the decision about "where", so you should always ask where she wants it: we CARE about that!), every single time you have a doll in bed (or wherever you have one).

    Finally, I'm so flattered that you ended your message with your love. You are a sweet man, and a good man. And even though your wife will not be benefitting from it as she may have in the past, she is lucky to have you.

  • Wow, your words are so kind and eloquently put. Your 34b b****** sound perfect, I agree that if you were to follow suit of the bimbo variety, you would not be taken seriously as the woman you are.

    However, the woman you are with that enormous p**** is mind boggling! A tall, slim, beautiful, sexy woman with the might of a sword between her legs has me tingling all over. My god, I don't know I would react when faced with it, excited, scared maybe, thrilled, ravage me and take me as yours with far superior p****. It may be worth mentioning that I am aware my p**** is around average in size and yes you are so wonderful to acknowledge that I am able to pleasure women so well with it, but the belittling of my p**** especially humiliation towards it being small does get me excited. And to think standing naked beside you, the beautiful woman would have a p**** almost double mine in length would have me standing to attention long after I've c**. I want to be your b****, so please on occasion, make sure to remind me I'm inferior to you, especially comparing penises.

    I will try to fyck my wife tomorrow night, harder than I ever have, I'll treat her like a cheap escort. I'll f*** her hard thinking of you. Thinking of you f****** me hard in my ass. You are correct, my wife has never given me her ass to use. I imagine with you, my p**** has no need for f******?

  • You are correct again! When I came for you, about you, I came so hard and for so long, my p**** aching from how much I came, and my ass was throbbing from the vibrator. Confessing my love for you gave me a new depth to my o*****. I love you my mistress. In no time at all, I love you do very much, you understand me so well. My wife is upstairs sleeping again, I am here stoking my p**** wishing I was stroking yours. I would want to attempt sucking your mighty love rod, only freeing my mouth to tell you I love you. I do love you, and am fantasising about you again. You will never let me c** inside you will you mistress? Will you however let me c** all over those beautiful b****** I crave to suck, kiss, lick, hold and caress. Please may I c** so very hard all over them?

    Also mistress, please reply with what we would do if we only had one night together. If we met for dinner and a stay in a hotel, how would you treat me? I beg for your dominance, for your superiority, for your glorious p****! Please tell me in detail how you would make me your slutty c** w****. How would you use me to empty your b**** of all that delicious c**.

    I'm stroking myself imaging this, but I want to hear your version, don't be gentle with me, I want it rough. I'm so close right now, I'll be thinking of you, as I c**, as my wife sleeps upstairs, as I think of how much I love you. I'm going to o***** saying I love you.....

  • Mistress help me!!!!! I could not f*** my wife, I wars unable to maintain an erection long enough to insert it in her. I ended up giving her oral and imagined it was you a******. I currently have a new larger d**** in my ass and am thinking of you....

  • I did not reply because you proved yourself to be such a disappointment, and because I was so, so angry. Two reasons. It is not your place to give me orders: you do not tell me what to speak to you about. And it is not within your authority to disobey me, or to pick the instructions with which you wish to, or are able to, comply. When I tell you to f*** your wife? YOU F*** THAT B****!! I was certain that you had great promise. Apparently, I was wrong. It seems you are like all the others, and that saddens me deeply. As you already know, I love married men, and I love wrecking marriages.

  • Mistress I am so very sorry, please accept my apology. I am weak and learning. I love you so very much but I cannot stop thinking of you pounding me with your glorious c***. Having read you message and disappointment, I had s** with my wife last night. It was horrible but I thought long about you to get my erection and slid it in her, but quickly, hard, with lottle time for to react. I imagined this is how you would f*** me. I wasted no time with any softly softly approach, I just hammered away at her like a dog would. I had her on all fours and held her shoulder and hip as I thrusted deep into her. I could hear her whimpering with pain ( I'm not as small as I had thought) but told her to shut up and take it b****. I have never spoken to her like that but I got angry because she has a p**** and no c***, I was f****** her instead of being f*****. So I got more angry and f***** her harder and harder, wishing I was on the receiving end instead. I came hard in her, thinking about you. I f***** my wife and came in her pathetic c*** whilst imaging you f****** me with your enormous c***. Once I came, I did something i had never done before, I grabbed her head and forced my d*** into her mouth and told her to "suck me clean b****". And she did, reluctantly. After a few minutes, I got off her and went to shower while she lay there and fell asleep. She asked me this morning what came over me, I so very much wanted to tell her I'm in love with a beautiful t-girl. But I made an excuse and left for work.

    Can you forgive me my beautiful mistress? I am sorry I disobeyed you and told you what to say to me. I am a pathetic and idiotic moron but I beg you mistress for a 2nd chance. Will you please? My wife is upstairs sleeping, alone, unloved, while I beg you....I love you....please forgive me x

  • I f***** that b**** for you, f***** her like a cheap w****. You can ruin my marriage, I am in love with you and only you, I long to be with you, over my wife. I wouldn't care if she found you f****** me whilst I'm face down, ass up, and for her to see you ram your long d*** all the way into me, I'd even look her in the eye while I choke as you deepthroat me. Use me as your worthless s*** on my marrital bed.

  • Mistress will you ever forgive me? Please think of the wickedest punishment for me to let me be forgiven and be your slave again?

  • Oh fine, you don't want me, I've just have a hot trans girl f*** me hard like a little b****. She slapped me as soon as I mentioned you, she then called you a dumb b**** for ignoring me when my sweet ass that is ripe for a good pounding. She put a collar and lead on me, bent me over and f***** me like a dog until she came in my ass, then yanked the lead hard until I had my mouth around her c***, she had me gagging for ages while I sucked it clean. She told me to man up and f*** her so I did but I could barely touch her sides and she laughed at me until I was limp. She let me c** the second time she f*****. She says you missed out on me now

  • Wow! What a rollercoaster! It's like a sexy T-gurl soap opera! What happens next?!

    Does our hero, bitter and twisted after his Mistress denied him true love, leave his wife, alone and unloved? Will he take to the road, and have many sexual adventures on his journey to find true sexual submission!

    Tune in same time next week!

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