How do I come out?

I am a young Lesbian. Any advice on how to come out to my parents?



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  • I’m bi and what I did was to talk to my parents separately but you know your parents you will know what is the best option for you sending my best wishes and remember you are not alone.

  • Put some of your gfs panties over your face like a Spiderman mask and go downstairs

  • Say so

  • At dinner table just say "I'm a lesbian pass the salt".

  • Im allmost 13 and i like girls also. but im scared too tell my dad or even my best friend hugs xxx

  • If you're a genuine minor and not a perverted wishful thinking lout, you're underage and therefore shouldn't be using this website! You may be prone and susceptible to paedophiles, rapists and down right disgusting people!

  • You like your friend a lot you just have not the courage to tell her and you are afraid of rejection. You live with only your dad?

  • Thanks anyway hugs xxx

  • Who is this. and sorry. i hope your not going too say mean things. if so just forget it hugs xxx

  • I will not say mean things to you I am not that type of person. I will help you however I can. You have any questions feel free to ask I will answer them honestly and never hurtful because I care about you.

  • Ok tanks and my mom is dead and my dad kind off drinks alot. so i do my own thing which is cool. i will be 13 next july and so i have being saveing up money too get out off here. i kinda like boys i guess also. but not my dad or uncle. my friend is the nicest person in the whole world hugs xxx

  • Your dad and uncle they have not tried to do things with You? Harm you in any way. I am sorry if this is upsetting to you you do not have to answer.

  • They do stuff and its cool and i just dont want too make them mad at me. i have drink in my room vodka and other stuff and take some off my uncles tablets sometimes hugs xxx

  • What kind of stuff like kissing you?
    This is what you would like to do with your friend?

  • I dont want too kiss my best friend. i dont no what i guess. they do lots off stuff and yes kiss me also hugs xxx

  • They make you lick their p****? They lick your v*****?

  • I dont want too say and they do everything hugs xxx

  • Do you explore your v***** when you are alone?

  • I guess so and it is too sore all the time hugs xxx

  • Sore from dad and uncle right? Honey you should put some cream on it to soothe it.

  • Yes but im save money up anyway. im open up vodka now hugs xxx

  • You do that and you will not be able to talk with me very good. I am so sorry that you have so much pain. Can I call you my daughter from now on?

  • Why do you want too call me daughter. i can drink and im able too if i like you no. my mom died when i was little and i dont care anymore. im drinking ages anyway like over two years hugs xxx

  • Well you remind me of my other daughters. I care about every one of them and I love them so much I want to protect them.

  • Have you got lots off kids hugs xxx

  • Yes I do boys and girls. I love them all.

  • Thats lucky for them. hugs xxx

  • You can be my daughter also if you would like?

  • I think daddys are bad hugs xxx

  • I am not like your daddy at all I do not drink I do not hurt my daughters or my sons.

  • It can make you happy and not remember hugs xxx

  • It is hard to forget bad experiences, Need to make new experiences that make you happy.

  • Why dont you drink hugs xxx

  • I do not drink because I drive the mini van a lot and I do not want to hurt anyone else.

  • I use too play soccer and basketball and we use too go in mini van. drink is fun and help you not remember hugs xxx

  • What part was so bad? Was it because your dad and uncle raped you?

  • I was with my team and our coaches in mini van and it use too be fun. i won loads off stuff for soccer and basketball. i just dont vare anymore about them. my coaches asked why i left and i just said i cant be botherd hugs xxx

  • Is your friend on the team yet?

  • My best friend still plays for the soccer team hugs xxx

  • You showered together after games?

  • We all did and i dont like myself anyway hugs xxx

  • I love you sweetheart the way you are I really do I will give a hug.

  • Its cool and my best friend and her mom and dad hug me sometimes. but i told them i kind off dont like hugs. my mommy is dead 4 years and she died the day before my birthday and i was going too be 8 hugs xxx

  • Alright I understand I still can love you OK? Just like I do my sons and daughters.

  • Ha i thought you got fedd up with me. my best friend says hugs are allways nice too get and her mom and dad hug her all the time. her mom is allways trying too hug me. i can go over too my friends place now if i want and stay. my dad and uncle are out anyway hugs xxx

  • Then go over there now and see your friend just do it. Remember I love you no matter what.

  • I allready drank vodka hugs xxx

  • Maybe you should stay where you are because your friend might not like smelling vodka on you.

  • I am sorry if this upsets you.

  • Its cool if you want too leg it. i dont give a crap anyway hugs xxx

  • Are you going over to your friends house I think that would be cool.

  • Good luck so hugs xxx

  • How are you ever going to express your feelings to your friend that you like her and that you want to have relationship with her.

  • I dont like her like that kind off and i just dont like boys. because they allways touch you and other stuff. i cant beleave she just txt me and said her mom said do i want too come over for tea and bring my uniform and school stuff if i want hugs xxx

  • If you want hugs then here are some for you. Well girls will touch other girls the same way except they do not have a p**** but they do have a p**** looking d**** that they use on each other besides kissing and licking.

  • Well she is prettier than me hugs xxx

  • How is she prettier than you ? have you looked at yourself in a full length mirror.

  • Not realy and i have a mirror in my room hugs xxx

  • I think you are beautiful.

  • How do you even know hugs xxx

  • Just the way you talk with me I sense these things. I know you are beautiful.

  • Well tanks but i dont think i am and my friend keeps txt me and begg me to stay over and said her mom and dad even are ask about me hugs xxx

  • Go and see her go there now please.

  • My uncle and dad take pictures and stuff off me. will you be still here if i do go over too my friends hugs xxx

  • Go there now please I will be with you.

  • Why though hugs xxx

  • Go see your friend she is asking you so go. If not for her then do go for me.

  • I dont want her mom and dad too know im drinking. i will bring a bottle with me hugs xxx

  • Please go now.

  • Why now hugs xxx

  • She has been begging you so go take your uniform with you.

  • If i go im taken a bottle with me hugs xxx

  • Then do so.

  • I think i change my mind and stay here hugs xxx

  • What are going to do now?

  • Why did you say im awsome hugs xxx

  • I dont know and was going too take a tablet or do you realy think i should go hugs xxx

  • I really think you should go. Forget the tablet.

  • Its a sleeper and i will go then and im still bringing my drink. i hope i dont forget anything hugs xxx

  • Good for you be safe on the way.

  • Well stay there only if you like. its totaly up too you and i have too get a bus hugs xxx

  • Stay there over night for sure.

  • I mean stay on here with me while i get ready and get the hus hugs xxx

  • I will as long as they keep this post up.

  • What do you mean hugs xxx

  • Sometimes posts vanish.

  • Is that what these are called. im go for a bus now. and i thougt you legged it hugs xxx

  • I am with you.

  • Cool tanks and i had too brush my teeth for ages. i hope my friend and her mom and dad dont smell it hugs xxx

  • I think you did fine.

  • How do you mean hugs xxx

  • Brushing as long as you did I think you did fine.

  • Well i still have bottle with me too help me sleep hugs xxx

  • Will you share bed with friend?

  • I thought you legged it again. they have a bed for me. but my friend says too me when i stay most times too get in her bed hugs xxx

  • That is nice of her what do you wear when you sleep?

  • Sometimes tshirts and panties or just panties and she is my best friend in the whole wild world hugs xxx

  • Try just t shirts tonight.

  • You mean no pantie at all hugs xxx

  • That is what I meant. I normally sleep nude nothing on at all been like that for years.
    Matter of fact I am nude right now.

  • Sorry had to go pee. So badly.

  • Its cool and you dont ware clothes at all. im nearly at my friends house hugs xxx

  • Absolutely nude all day and night except when I need to go to store. I love feeling the air on my body.

  • Im getting off bus now and do your kids not ware clothes hugs xxx

  • They are nude also.

  • Thats crazy hugs xxx

  • All the kids love being nude.

  • Are you there and im in my friends bathroom. her mom and dad hugged me. then her dad said he smelled drink. i said real fast i need too use toilet. were can i hide the bottle hugs xxx

  • Good for you good thinking.

  • Tanks but were will i hide the bottle im not spilling in it out and its half full hugs xxx

  • Not sure what hiding places are there in the bathroom.

  • Shit hugs xxx

  • What happened?

  • Im in my friends bedroom and her dad searched my bag and now hes searching bathroom hugs xxx

  • I hope he does not find it.

  • Tanks i need it hugs xxx

  • You need a hug you got it.

  • I hid in between towels hugs xxx

  • Guess thats s big fat noooooooooo. by then hugs xxx

  • You still there hugs xxx

  • I will hugs xxx

  • Awesome girl.

  • Their so nice and are kind also. but they dont need me in the way hugs xxx

  • You come out with no clothes on and and girl between your legs sucking on your p**** lips. I think everyone will get the idea

  • Not bad, but here's one better: tell them that you're a pole dancer, a professional escort, and that you think you are beginning to develop a small dependency on all the heroin you've been using. Then, after that has sunk in for a few days, go back and tell them, "I was just kidding...….I'm really only a lesbian."

  • Your sexuality is a private affair. The only time it should concern your family in my opinion, is when you're in a serious committed relationship and want to introduce your loved one to family /friends. Even then, if you love your partner so much and vise versa, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks regarding your sexuality. All that matters, is how you both feel about each other ;)

    Don't be caught up in labels, stereotypes, judgements and other people's opinions. Live, love and enjoy your life. You only live once! ;)

  • … you should consider licking your moms cunny while your dad f**** your ass ….

  • Dirty m***********!!!!!

  • Your observation of your parents how they think of relationships is a big factor. I would have your lover visit your house often and do not be afraid to show your affection toward each other in front of your parents let them see how happy you are.It is possible that some parent will probably blow a head gasket. They will think they failed as a parent because of your sexual tendencies. The biggest plus is love.

  • That sounds like a good idea.

  • Depends on your parents. my mom was very understanding. I'm a guy and as a teen and pre teen I had collected some girls clothes like tights and a leotard and when I was 13 she found them. She washed them and put them in my draw. I was super embarrassed but she said it was OK and dad was kind of "whatever". I don't think he knew what to do but didn't want to be angry either.

    So on the serious side I think it depends on your parents.

    On the humorous side,
    I kind of like the idea that at dinner table just say "I'm a lesbian please pass the salt"

  • Explain that right now you don't think you could love a man right now. With the right man, love and devotion will follow. (Of course that perfect man will never show up and you want a virgin anyways. Easy list to make.)

    You prefer the protection of your friends and the relationships with your age-set. You feel safe with your girlfriends and sisters from another mother. (Holy crap that sounds lame but Father logic might buy it.)

    And oh yea, boys stink to high he'll when they are anywhere near puberty.

    This isn't " coming out " but it sets stuff up. Next say that you found love. If they are confused say it's like a crush. You feel like you are standing next to a movie star. Now being touch Feely isn't far behind. Defend the crush. Defend love. Using the facets of love , love can be genderless.

    OR You wait for a calm time. Then outright say it. Address them, "I'm not attracted to men." or say straight up (lol) "Hey. I'm gay. I love you both."

  • Couldn't tell you without more details such as your age and what your folks are like in general.

  • Https://**-and-relationships/gender-and-sexuality/how-to-come-out-3741.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIyIrNm-7D3QIVhbHtCh1Z9AypEAAYAiAAEgK9N_D_BwE

  • Just don’t no one will understand

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