I look forward to depressing times in

I look forward to depressing times in my life because they give me a reason to write my poetry. Is it just me or is this a little weird?

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  • I am looking forward to seeing people who are bad come down in this world. I love to a few evil people in high places pushed in the mud head first. I don't even know how they cope knowing and doing what they do to people. how do the royals fake it when they kill and harm people and people have been victims of these evil sick people who fake politeness and they are making fun of everyone they meet and know behind our backs. if people could only see the blunt sad truth about these shallow sick people like I have.

  • Oh, wow.
    I am EXACTLY the same way. And it terrifies me that I can only write that well when I'm feeling low.
    And then I remember I hadn't written in a while.

  • hahaha...i totally understand...its another good reason to listen to sappy music...makes me feel so much better

  • we all get depressed. but you can write when you are not depressed. don't be ridiculous. quit trying to make your life seem romantic and just live.



  • i think that there are a lot of people like us. did you ever read "the bell jar" by sylvia plath?

  • That is EXACTLY how I am. It is weird, I thought I was the only one. I feel so much better knowing there is someone out there, and probably more then one other person out there like me. I can't write poetry anymore because I am no longer depressed. It makes me mad. I want to write happy poems but I just can't seem to find the right words. When I am sad is when my heart just spills and the words find their way to the paper, fitting perfectly.

  • i don't look forward to it, not by a long shot, but i do write the best stuff when i am severely suicidal. then, i am sad when i can't write anymore.

  • You are not alone. The greatest of rock and roll songs that we all love, from the 60s to today, were written by artists as feeling as depressed as you. Just listen to some of the lyrics and those who responded above, should pay some attention. I'm sure thay will be surprised. Put on any favorite Cd and you will see what I mean.

  • Nothing wierd - some great artists write best when depressed. Spike milligan a UK comedien wrote best stuff when depressed

  • Definitely weird dude/babe.

  • There's nothing wrong with that...as long as you don't try to make yourself depressed just to write poetry.

  • I think like this sometimes. It worries me though.

  • I think your a little weird, sorry to say.

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