my best friend for over 4 years just randomly stopped talking to me. we used to talk everyday. when i told him what college i was going to he said that he was going to the same one so i thought that we would be hanging out all the time. i would call him every day but he would either say that he'd call me back (and wouldn't) or just not answer at all. this went on for a couple weeks until i finally got the hint and stopped calling him. one day i decided to call him from another phone so he wouldn't know that it was me calling. he answered and i told him that it was me...i asked him what buildings his classes were in and he said building J...which doesn't exist...then he suddenly said that he had to go and hung up. i called him again and he didn't pick. i called him again and he finally picked up he admit to lying that he didn't go to the same college as me. his reason was because his parents didn't want him to (which i don't believe). we haven't seen each other or spoken since. i don't know what happened. i never did anything for him to be mad at me. i know from a few friends that he used to like me but he never admit to it. there was also a point where he was in depression and i think that it was because he liked me and i didn't like him. he would call me all the time just because he was upset. he even cried when i told him that i couldn't stay on the phone all night every night. i really just want to know why he won't talk to me anymore. i really don't think i did anything. it sounds like of egotistical but maybe he still liked me and just wanted to forget about me because i have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for almost 2 years now. someone please help! it's driving me crazy! i know i'll bump into him one day...

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  • thanks everyone that had serious advice for me. i feel really bad now...

  • I've made best friends and have lost contact with other best friends. Relationships evolve.

  • You called every day? Clingy? Sometimes people realize that everyone they know at high school isn't the only group of people they should associate with for the rest of their lives. He may have moved into a social scene that he didn't want you to associate him with. Maybe he was introduced and was experimenting with weed and thought you'd tell his parents.

    Or else he could have gotten tired of being in the friend zone. He's getting over you now which means he's moving on. Its too bad that the relationship dissolved without you knowing why, but he's known for a long time.

  • Your best friend was obviously in love with you. While he was hanging around you like a love sick puppy dog you started going out with someone else.

    "i never did anything for him to be mad at me"
    really well you broke his heart.

    That's why he went to a different college and that's why he doesn't want to chat for hours.

    Do you really think he wan't to hang around so he can hear you go on about your boy friend?

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