I have known my step daughter for 11 years, she is now 21. She has always been like my daughter but she has turned out to be an incredible sexy woman. Drop dead georgous with an amazing body, incredible ass and the most perfect cleavage you have ever seen. I love my wife and would never cheat on her in any way but I have fantasies about my step daughter, I'm only human and if you ever saw her.... you would understand. What to do?

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  • it is a common story because it is a common issue. I too l*** after my step daughter. My wife and I have a great s** life and she even helps me fantasize about her daughter. I call her by her daughter's name while we have s**. It get's us both going. But we keep it to ourselves (OK I am confessing but you all don't know us) My wife was molested as a girl and now that role play gets her going. So all that to say, enjoy your fantasy and it is best to keep it to yourself.

  • This same story has been on several sites, it's copied and pasted all the time. It was on sites like s** confessions, and even was on AdultFriendFinder about a year and a half ago. I thought every on here would have recogonized this, especialy if you've been to other confession sites.

  • yeah i read this somewhere too.........

    anyways if i were you just stop!
    never gonna happen
    you're probably 40 something.

  • #3 so have i!!!

  • Listen I acted on my impulses, she told, my wife left me and now I have to pay a s*** load of cash and I had to leave town because the word got out about me. Stop thinking of it and let it go stupid!


  • do her, she probaly feels the same way

  • That's tough....But I'd say normal. Wow I don't know what I'd do. Wanting is better than having. I want to say don't pursue it.

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