I'm young and older woman turn me on

So I'm a 13 year old boy that mastrbates all day. I love watching older women especially mild and gilfs. I'm still a virgin but I want to lose my virginity to a older woman. I wish I could contact some but I havent found any. I also found this s** video of my mom online and I c** to it all the time. Am I normal? And if u are a older woman talk to me on kik my name is Heywhatisup12 and my email is yotethemoat@gmail.com. Thank you for listening



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  • Would you let me watch you jerking off?

  • Tule minu juurde ja ma lasen ennast katsuda. VANAEMA

  • I believe you're a 14 year old boy who masturbates all the time to older women. Because let's be honest, every woman on the internet is older than you anyway. But I have a hard time believing you found your mom on the internet. Considering there is more p*** on the internet than anything else, how you could possibly find her even if she was out there. Either way, stop with the mommy fetish, it's really getting old. The MILF fetish is fine though switch to that one. Now write away.

  • The only way its possible he found it is if she had it saved on her phone

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