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I like showing other women pictures of my nude girlfriend

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  • I’d love to see. Varityconsulting@gmail.com

  • Not to brag or anything, but I have a fairly large d***. I'm not very muscular, or tall, or handsome on the 10 scale, but I am average. So it's hard to get a woman interested in me until she sees how big my d*** is. We all know you can't just walk up to some woman and whip out your d***, they also don't like it when you send them d*** pics or show them pictures of your d***, so......

    I have found that if you show women videos of you f****** another woman, then they are intrigued. They will watch the video and notice how big my d*** is. Most times they will even comment while watching. Saying thinks like...
    "omg, is that how big you are" or
    "wow, I had know idea you were that big"
    Next think I know her and I are in bed f******. I don't know why women love to watch home made p***, but when you tell them you have done a p**** with another woman and ask them if they want to watch, majority of the time they will say yes, and if they don't, lots of times they will bring it up again later because they really did want to watch it.

    I offered this woman one time to watch it I bet 10 times, and everytime she said no, but kept bringing it up. Finally she said yes, but asked if she could watch it in the bathroom. I let her take my phone and when she came back her eyes were so big I thought they were going to pop out. She asked if that was really me in the video. I told her it was, and then asked her if she wanted me to prove it. She said I may have to and we left the party to go back to her place. She and I became f*** buddies. We still see each other for s** every so often eventhough she is married now.

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