It works for us

At 60 I have a steady Friend with Benefits that I see at least twice a month. My husband is 62 and has had CAD and ED for the last 5 years. Honestly I thought that I could do without the physical side of marriage but I couldn't.

I am extremely fortunate to have a loving and caring husband and a discreet compassionate friend.

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  • You story is similar to ours. We are both in 60s and I have had ED for many years. After years of suffering, at my encouragement, my wife decided to take a lover. She has been with him for 5 years and they are both very much in love. He is 30 years younger and single and well built with amazing stamina. Two or three times a month they meet at our house or his house and have a full evening of wonderful s** together. I love my wife very much and this has turned out to be a turn on for both of us. She is not interested in leaving me but she does want to enjoy s** while she can. I am happy for her and the fact she is having the best s** ever at this stage of her life. Last weekend we celebrated their 5th anniversary together and they surprised me by tying me to a chair blindfolded and naked in the bedroom while they explored each other's bodies.

  • I'm 40 and I have a 58 year old woman who is married and just likes to f***. She says her husband is oldschool and thinks they should only have s** for procreation. She loves him but gets no s** from him. She tells her husband she goes out with her girlfriend every Wednesday night and instead she comes over to my house where we f*** like two teenagers. She's probably the best s** I have ever had with anyone, and I don't even care that she's 18 years older than me.

  • Good for you it makes you happy keep doing it.

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