Interracial cuckold

I love watching interracial p***, especially cuckold p***. I want to see my wife get f***** by a big black c*** while I j******* to it. Then take her wet, sloppy seconds p****. Every time I see an interracial couple I imagine them having s**. Once I found out black guys have bigger d**** I couldn't help but be jealous. Now it turns me on to think of white girls getting stretched out with bbc.

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  • Send them f****** n***** back to Africa where they can be just like the f****** wild animals they are.

  • Wow, you are racist...oh wait, no, you're probably just tired of blacks being racist as f***.

  • The j*** you're responding to is totally racist, AND I for one am tired of some (not all) blacks being racist as f***.

    Did... did anyone just hear that muffled explosion? I think it was some idiot's mind getting blown away. One less d****** in the world, hooray!

  • I've worked in a hospital for 8 years and I've seen way too many penises and I can honestly say that the black guys usually have bigger penises. The myth is true.

  • You are full of s***, and you're more than likely the OP who is probably a black guy and perpetuating this lie.

  • You didn't find out s***. Cause black guys don't have any bigger d*** than any other race. Trust me, I know. I f***** many guys in college, and that is bullshit. People are stupid who actually believe that d*** size is based on race.

  • You sound jealous. Lol

  • I'm a woman, why would I be jealous dumbass. I'm just tired of stupid people who keep saying dumb s***. And I'm tired of black people perpetuating this lie just to slam white people. When I was younger and in high school I thought everyone was equal. Then I went to college and dated mostly black guys. The more I hung around black people the more a realized they were racist as f***. Everything was about color and they always thought white people owed them something. By the time I had graduated I was back to hanging with white people who didn't look at color and who didn't make racist comments all the time. Now I'm not saying this is all black people but most of the ones in college I hung around with were racist as f***. And no, they didn't have any bigger d**** than white guys.

  • That's my experience too. But try even beginning to utter this truth around social justice types and you won't finish the sentence before you're drowned out by the petulant screaming.

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