Shamima begum

I confess that I would totally bang that Isis cu.nt shamima begum!!
I'm a white English man,and totally abhor everything she's done and would gladly shoot her in the face before she can step foot on English soil
Yet, I would spread her hairy legs and chow down on her traitorous pu$$y and f*** her chunky Islamic ass all night long lol.
I've had a few wa.nks over her too lol.
That's all. Allah



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  • Boys are so funny! So controlled by their stupid little weenies that they even want to stick it into holes owned by people who they hate. No wonder the human species has more retards than sane people in it

  • Haha, I'd stick it in you too!!!! Mmmmmmmm

  • ...said the ret@rd

  • I bet she gets well creamy mmmm

  • I bet she's lovely and hairy down there,a treasure trail right down to her arsehole!!

  • Haha,yeah I'd slam it too

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