how do i get over it???

okay so i am really shy around guys (imma girl). i just cant think of anything to say. the only guys im comfortable around are my cousins(and that will get me nowhere). my friends have tried to hook me up with people. my brother even tried to. i just dont have to courage to be myself around them. its not like i dont think im pretty enough or smart enough or anything. it just like my self esteem goes down the drain as soon as i see them. i dont even have to like them and i get all nervous. how do i get over this??? it p***** me off that i am essentially scared of talking to members of the opposite s**. :((

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  • try this, it worked for my friend and works great if you are somewhere like school.

    Ask a guy (any guy) what the time is. He will tell you. Smile and say thank you. Ask the next guy the same thing. and the next. Mix it up and ask where the library is, or doesn't matter. But ask like 15 guys in 20 minutes these questions and two thing swill happen.
    1st: You will enjoy yourself because its silly and harmless and non-sexual.
    2nd: It gets you used to just being normal around normal people.

    Do it a couple of times just don't ask the same guy the same question :) My friend did this and called me up the next day and was giddy with just talking to girls who told him the time he already knew or where a place was he already knew.

  • Next time just turn the table on them. While they are talking you just say some thing like "Do you like sucking d***? I Do". They'll be shocked and then later on show them how much you like sucking their d***. You'll have a ton of friends then. You will be less shy but your mouth might hurt a little more.


  • ^both of you above me are douches.
    I know I sound like im joking, but seriously, pot makes all situations less awkward...try smoking a bowl with some chill stoner guys...not the gansta blunt guys, but the friendly stoner...that should help

  • You don't have to say a word.
    All you need to do is lay down and open your legs.

  • Practice talking in a mirror. Another method is a little more drastic-get a wig, change your personna. Pretend you are not you. Start with a casual flirt. Say hi to any guy any where. Make eye contact and when you feel that shrinking feeling tell yourself you are not that girl. Practice practice practice. You lose nothing by saying hi. Make a goal that when you go to the store you will say hi to at least 3 men.
    Then when you are comfortable with doing that up the goal by adding how are you doing. Just keep doing that. Men are at least 50 percent of the population,, unless you are going to live in a nunnery the rest of your life (which by the way is an option) so you are going to run into a guy at some point.

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