My first girl...

I have been fantasizing about having s** with a 14 year old girl for awhile. About three months ago I had a chance to make that dream a reality. We had randomly met and thru our conversation she mentioned that she would like to see my house. I agreed and took her to my house. She was wearing overall shorts and a t shirt. I had on khakis and a button down shirt. After giving her a tour we sat down on the couch next to each other. Without warning we both put our hand on the other person thigh. Her skin felt so smooth. She asked me about s** and I told her there were several things we could do to each other. By this time her hand was over my crotch and mine was under her shorts, my fingertips could fee her panties. What else could we do? She asked. We can give each other a body rub, press our bodies against each other, kiss and then decide if we want to have intercourse. The first half of the evening was spent touching each other's nude bodies, kissing. We then walked into the kitchen nude to get a drink of water. It was there that we decided to end the night by having intercourse.

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  • Are you two having s** today?

  • Yes

  • Thanks for all the comments. We are gonna have s** this weekend..

  • We are going to have s** again soon.

  • The image of those two nude together and then him inserting his d*** into her I'd making me soo hard!!!

  • Thinking of f****** her myself is getting me hard, love young p****

  • Awesome. Round 2 soon.

  • “Cough cough” BULLSHIT!!! “Cough cough”

  • Exactly "randomly met" bs. As a teen how the h*** would she have gotten away with staying over a strangers house up until nightime...

  • Doesn't the s** matter more than how they "actually" met!

  • No we didn't use one and I was 38 when it happened.

  • This made me very hard. I wouldn't wear a condom either. Too bad one of these guys who commented wouldn't f*** my niece.

  • I can imagine her holding her legs open while I press my tip against her p**** and the gently slipping inside of her.

  • Did you use a condom? How were you when you did. this?

  • The experience was mutual, sensual and we both agreed to end our time together the way we did.

  • Why? I read some of the other posts and I thought my experience was in line with other posts.

  • How old are you?

  • 52 with a brain of a 6 year old.

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