(10 years ago) I slept with my sons friend

Firstly please do not fetishise this post. whether you chose to believe it or not this is my confession.

I was about 33 in 2009 when this happened and so i don't get in trouble lets say he was 18.

my son was in highschool and didn't really have a lot of friends. occasionally however he did bring one or two over. One particular night he brought home a friend (lets call him Todd) and this is when we first met. I guess this was really the first time i was around one of my sons friends of whom was pretty much fully grown with an adult like body.
Todd was extremely tall probably about 6ft with brownish short hair and a perfect jawline.

The incident of this confession happened in the winter the time when my son had invited Todd over but had forgot that he had a soccer presentation night on so left Todd and i alone in our house when he left for what would have been a good few hour.

It may have just been me but there was a very sexual tension that night. Now i wouldn't consider myself very attractive especially by 2009 standards. at 33 i was pale, chubby, slightly wrinkled. keep in mind that while my b reasts are quite large the were extremely sagging which made me very self conscious and less motivated to date after my husband and i separated.

Todd was standing in the hall just standing doing nothing wearing really tight clothes that really turned me on. I knew it was a bad idea at the time but i went to my room and stripped purposely with the door open he was bound to see. i then came out he was obviously right there looking at me. we started talking really awkwardly and i can tell he was trying so hard to look at my face because of my nudeness. This is when things really got heated. i took complete advantage of him and got him into my room and onto my bed with me. he seemed really stunned even when i took his clothes off. unfortunately his p**** wasnt as big as i wanted it to be but it still did the job alright a he seemed to really know how to thrust into me. despite my loose vag he i was still able to get him to e******** onto my stomach after about my hand took over.

i never saw him again or talked about it with anyone.

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  • I am thinking 13/14ish

  • Soccer Moms across America and Europe f*** their son's friends. It is common knowledge. Some Moms even swap their sons. Some high school boys have clubs dedicated to seeing how many Moms they can f***. The difference is they are honest about it and accept it. You are feeling guilty. No need to. fine young c*** is fine young c***.

  • Good for you. I am glad he was so young.

  • Plenty of mom’s have had s** with their sons friend. I used to spend the night at my friend Jason’s house along with another guy named Justin. I sorta figured out she had the hots for him. In the middle of the night they would sneak away and f***. She was one attractive lady and one time i went over after school early to wait for her son like he asked me to.
    I saw her walking around in her panties and no shirt. She was surprised I was there and asked me where her son was. Guess who was in her bedroom.
    She didn’t know what to say and whispered in my ear to promise not to ever say a word she would make it up to me. I never took her up on it as time ran out and I already had a girl.
    Listening to them have s** was the best
    I loved her dirty mouth

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