Barbara #1

I was attending college in a Midwestern town. There was little work and I was about to be dropped from the roles due to my inability to pay my bills. Growing up I did what so many young boys did, I would touch the other boys and they would touch me. A childhood friend sucked my d*** once and I liked that a lot. While I reciprocated I did not let him c** in my mouth.

There was a local "club" on the outskirts of this college town where I went with a friend once. In it you could get a decent steak, imported beer, wine or a shot and a really good b******* if you paid the price and stuck your d*** through a hole in the wall. As I contemplated my situation financially I also considered this option. I asked a couple male students to do me a favor and one night, after a couple drinks, I gave both of them a b*******. I was surprised that it was not difficult nor was it unpleasant. In fact, I gave both of them a second b******* before we parted. Later that night as I reflected, I hit upon a plan.

The next day I went to the "club" to talk with the owner. It turned out it was owned by a husband and wife team. A little embarrassed, I spoke to them of my plan. I suggested that by hiring me to work a glory hole, advertised as a man behind the hole, they would greatly increase their business in that area. Sally asked me to suck her husbands d*** to prove I would be any good at it. At this point I was not "Deep throat" able but I took his large c*** in hand, swallowed all that I could and kept my tongue as busy as I could. In no time, Jim, shot a large load down my throat and I was careful to swallow it all and keep him in my mouth softly licking and sucking until he went soft. He later told me that was what got me the job.

Not wanting to lose money on the deal if it didn't catch on, Jim offered me 40% of what I earned. I got him up to 50% and took the deal. That turned out to be one of the best deals I ever made.

The hole was named, "Man For Man" hole. The first week I sucked one d*** and made $12.50. But it started catching on and the second week I sucked 22 men and did better in the money department. $275 was a big gain and I could afford the food and gas I needed. But the word was getting around, "When you c** he swallows it and keeps your d*** in his mouth until you are soft." Turns out the thing that got me hired was about to pay the bills.

The following weeks was maddening. I was sucking 30 to 40 c**** a night. From college students, locals to people who drove to get "Soft sucked" as it had become known as. One man had the biggest c*** I'd ever seen and I could barely get it in my mouth. When he c** he yelled "Cuuummmmiiinnnngggg" very loud. I heard lots of men laughing. My popularity went through the roof at that time. I renegotiated with Jim and Sally and got my end up to 65% with the warning to not ask for more. I was very happy. I quit school and moved closer to the "Club".

One night I sucked 200 c****. I was exhausted and decided I needed to control the numbers. I worked out a system where the men called a number and set an appointment. That controlled the number of men each night and also allowed me to raise the price by 100%. Jim and Sally were delighted that their end went up so substantially and my little room got the make over I had asked for. I had the floor lowered to a point that I could sit comfortably in a chair, lean forward and suck d**** without having to sit on my knees on the floor. Much more comfortable. I was making more money than I ever dreamed of and it was just about to get better.

I was put in charge of all the glory hole workers. I developed a spreadsheet and quickly realized we had some ladies getting paid an hourly wage that weren't pulling their weight. I spoke to three of them and told them my expectations and two quit on the spot saying they were not going to work that hard. One picked up the pace which I liked since I was getting 10% of what they earned now. I started interviewing women to replace our losses and I have to tell you, this was the most fun I ever had. I hired one who enjoyed her work and she turned out to be a star, but finding a second woman was elusive.

One day Barbara visited. She was 24, 5'7", 110 Lbs. Black hair, hazel eyes and a figure you would not believe. She told me she wanted to work the glory hole. I told her she was to beautiful to do that and I only hired old hags. She laughed and said she needed the work and didn't want men oggoling her for her looks. I kind of understood that and asked if she was ready for an interview now. She dropped to her knees, undid my belt and dropped my pants. She was a pro from that minute. She took me in and expertly worked her tongue and lips on my c*** bring me to a rapid erection. She took all of me which was the first true deep throat I ever had and within a couple minutes I let her have my load. She gulped it down making loud slurping sounds, she looked up at me and smiled as she softly sucked and licked and I remained in her mouth just long enough to experience the full impact of a great b*******. She was hired.

Barbara was a hit right off. Her style got advertised quickly and she was almost as busy as I was. But one day a gent asked if she could be rented for a bachelor party. I found out she would be expected to have s** with up to 55 men giving head, a*** and vaginal s** as the men wanted. I said that was too many men but I'd discuss it. She immediately said "Yes" she'd love to do it but I insisted it was too many men. She told me it was all about the money and she didn't care how many men she had to f***. I told her I'd work out the details. The friends of the groom were well off and I managed to get $5,000 for the night for Barbara. The agreement included me coming to protect my interest and I would be available to get f***** or suck d*** if requested. The man I was negotiating with laughed and assured me the "MEN" of this group would have no use for me.

When we arrived at the bachelor party the men were beside themselves knowing Barbara was a sure thing. She was beautiful having dolled up special for this evening. I introduced her to the groom and informed him it was his duty to have "First". He immediately took her into the bedroom and the night was off. It wasn't 10 minutes when one guest asked me if my ass was available for him to enjoy and I assured him it was for a nice tip afterwards. We went to another bedroom and the night of f****** was in full force. The men who would have no use for me managed to f*** me 22 times that night and I gave 11 b*******. Barbara was way over that with the men who f***** me all f***** her too, She thinks she was f***** more than 100 times. No one asked her for a b******, that fell to me to provide.

The party lasted from 5 PM to 7 AM the next morning. I feel asleep and when I woke up my first thought was Barbara. I needn't have worried. I looked in the bedroom and one man was f****** her ass and another her p**** while she sucked another. There was no doubt I had hit upon a jackpot with her. She was a hit behind the hole in the wall and a hit in the bedroom. I'm going to make big money on her. As we were leaving I picked up the tips that gathered. She was so tired and I was too so I asked where to and she said, "Your place." I looked shocked and she explained, "I can't get any quiet where I live." So I took her home with me. We showered together and hit the bed. We both slept for 10 hours. I woke up a couple times and looked down at her naked body next to mine and thought how nice it would be if this beauty was all mine. But she would never be "ALL MINE" I feared. We counted the tips alone which were ours to keep. I made over $2,000 and she made well over $4,000.

Over the next year we did many such parties. They were fun, lucrative and we both got all the s** we needed. I even did a party for, shall we say, influential ladies, who wanted to know what it was like to be out on their own sucking and f****** all the d**** they wanted. It turned into a cottage industry beyond my wildest dreams. The first party was mostly show and tell with a couple of the ladies sucking my d*** a little and Barbara f****** me in revealing positions to show them the joy of s**. But the real money was when it expanded each time to more and more "older" women and I had to start bringing young men to satisfy them to the parties. The college proved to be a hot bed of young men willing to f*** about anyone to satisfy the need to pay tuition. One party included 57 women all over the age of 65. Most were not that easy to look at but it didn't matter. Men are men and you get them excited with talk about s** and they will f*** anything. Barbara and I took home over $13,000 that day.

It was over a year now since I first met Barbara and she was living with me full time. I still enjoyed watching her f*** a large crown of men but wished it was just me. I never said anything because I knew it could end a beautiful relationship and I didn't want that. One day I got a request I wished I had refused. I got a request for Barbara, alone, at a men's retreat, to be the sole woman for a 3 day weekend. I initially said no but Barbara overruled me and insisted on going. I negotiated strongly hoping my price would be so high that they would refuse to pay it. That didn't work and they paid me $25,000 up front. I asked Barbara to not go but she insisted saying she would love the adventure and f****** a bunch of men is what she does. So I dropped her off at the agreed meeting place and a black limo picked her up.

Five days later and still no word from Barbara. I contacted the police who thought it funny that she was out f****** large numbers of men at some secret retreat and I was worried. Since I was paid up front they threatened to arrest me but the Chief Of Police was a good customer of MINE and he made that threat go away. Nice to know the Chief's d*** so personally.

See Barbara #2

Jun 27, 2019

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