Masturbated in front of mom

My mom is gorgeous and for years I had fantasized about making love to her. I would often steal one of her dirty panties and lick the crotch of them. On so many occasions i don't know how she knew, but whenever I was laying in bed stroking my c*** with vasoline, she would walk in on me. I would often cover up but eventually continued to m*********. She would act as though she thought I was in shower. Then on occasion I would hump a pillow but when she would catch me I would be very embarrassed to the point i was humiliated to see her. Then I finally got so h**** one day, but knew she was in the kitchen so I walked downstairs and masturbated while she angrily told me to stop what I was doing. I felt humiliated stroking myself but after that I would often try my best to be naked in her presence. She would often tell meni needed to lose a few pounds so one day I went through her bedroom and dropped my towel. Since I was only trying to show her a wasn't fat, she did not object to me naked. I did this daily until I started to do one pump then two, three, finally she allowed me to stroke myself five times without saying anything. She would often come to my room wearing very loose fitting panties and each time I tried to grab her crotch. On one occasion she was coming out the shower, before she could say anything I grabbed the towel away, had her pinned on the couch and I licked her v*****. She protested but orgasmed. I begged to f*** her but she would not allow me to do thst



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  • I dont know why but i used to have my mom Jack me off from 14 to 16 years old after school she would stroke me till i c**. I still feel some type of way about it so i called her and talked to her all these years later she said dont worry i did it too. I still am in shock a lil

  • I was 14 when my Mom caught me mastrubating. Both she and I were embarassed by ultimately I didn't care. She subsequently caught me many more times. I didn't even bother stopping, after a while, and she never said anything, just hurried off.

  • If she's going to let you eat her "once more," try teasing her. Bring her close to o***** but don't push her over the edge. After a good long time of doing that, back off and tell her your tongue is tired, and if she wants to you to get her off, she'll have to let you use your c*** to do that.

  • Wish she would she won't allow me to go down on her anymore. She said definitely no intercourse and will not watch me m*********. She allows me to stroke myself five times that's it. If she is willing to allow me to do that why not allow me to c**

  • My 45 yo mom still attractive to me and we are quite close. I sometime share my mom's bed and this one night mum was in bed early. I came up to bed and when i pull the covers back she was only wearing her panties, no bra on and i took all my clothes off including my boxer and laying close facing her.
    I called my mother and she didn’t answer so I cuddled up to her and put my arm around her waist pushing one of my knees between her legs. After a couple of minutes i moved my hand up to her t*** and started rubbing while sucking one.
    As I pulled the covers off us, she turned herself on her back. I got down at my mother’s feet and pulled her panties off her, i opened her legs staring at her clean-shaved p**** - the smell from her p**** was amazing so i put my fingers inside and played with her puffed p**** lips. After a few minutes of fingering my mom’s warm p**** i pulled my fingers out and grabbed my hard c*** i rubbed it up and down moist p**** slit. Then in no time I went inside her p**** with little effort. She seemed to woke up but did not resisted at all, rather widened her thighs as if inviting my hard c*** in.
    I pushed it all the way in, after i was inside her i stopped, i just left my c*** inside her p**** enjoying its moist warmth getting, now very wet. A few minutes later i started to move my c*** inside her, it felt amazing. I was picking up the pace and soon my mom started to move in rhythm with me, then she opened her eyes and she started moaning loud as i kept moving faster and deeper. Within a few minutes she was groaning louder and louder as she came and i shot my c** inside her womb.
    I could realize that she was without s** for quite a long time and she fully enjoyed the f*** with me. I was hard again so i layed on my back and mom got on top and bounced hard and fast on my c*** as I thrust back her engorged p**** - she was absolutely screaming loudly now till she reached o******... and i cummed again inside her.

  • Be happy with sucking her p**** for the time being. She will definitely allow you to f*** her soon!! Once she does, she will be hooked to your young hard c***.

  • Tell her you just want to be close to her. Try and appeal to her emotional side. Tell her you love her and you want to increase you bond with her. Be smart about it. Mothers like it when s** is more loving than just s**.

  • She told me she will allow me to go down on her just one last time but never again. I asked if I could do it when she had her period she said absolutely not. I want her tampon so bad, it is probably the second most intimate thing on a woman. My mom is unlike most, she has a super petite body and she is very sexy. She still won't let me have intercourse with her

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