"J's" pantyhose

I have an obsession with pantyhose and married women. I have a very important client and we have become alot like family. So I'll go over the house and do work or what ever so I have access to every corner of the house at one time or another. His wife is drop dead gorgeous with a body to match so it's always hard not to look . I know she catches me and sees me checkin her out as were talking or what ever. So a job brought me to the master and more specifically her closet. It didnt take long til the idea came to me to find her pantyhosed drawer and see what I could see. I came across and plastic container filled with her used and worn dance tights and hose. I had to man. I started by taking 2 pair then going back over time til now I'm up to about 12 pair of hers. Then I found the pantyhose she wears currently so I took 3 or 4 pair of them to . I would send little texts to hint to her to see what her reaction would be. After a while she caught on but it doesnt seem like she wants to say anything to anyone. Last time I was there I took one pair of black tights and let me tell ya she had taste when it comes to her hoisary. I took the black pair and brought with me a brand new pair of very shiny tan pantyhose I left In there place. She knows about my fetish so when she sees the tan pair she will know in a sec I left them there for her. I'm hoping she enjoys them much like I do then put them back so I can take them to. It's a sexy little game that both is us seem to enjoy and neither of us want to say anything.. that's a hot sexy feeling if ya have a fetish as strong as I do. Cant wait til she finds them and see what happens next ! .mmmmm

Aug 28, 2019

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