Flashing to mom

I used to live with family untill 18. when i was 16 i started to flash to my mom intentionally and always made it seem that it is accidental. i used to act that i am sleeping in pants with my zip open . whenever she used to come in room i used to get so aroused and my heart started to pump badly. Mostly my d** head used to come out of zip and i used to slighlty opne eyes to check if she is seeing it or not. mostly i ended up in pre c****** without even touching my d**.

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  • Alot of sons do this to show their mothers that they are ready for s**. Unfortunately, some mothers are afraid to cross that line because of society's opinion of this. I was lucky enough to have a mother who was open to this and easy to talk to, so the subject of s** wasn't hard or embarrassing to approach. We need to change society's views on s** within the family and I personally think that the positives would outweigh any negatives.

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