sexual peak

I MUST have hit my female sexual peak. To say I am h**** as h*** is not even a close enough description. I can think of nothing else but getting my p**** stuffed. I was just browsing craigslist for fun and clicked on men for men and there was this pic of this guy's d*** and it was HUGE. All I could think about was riding it. I know the dude was gay but his meatstick was GORGEOUS. I fantasized about tying him to the bed and just raping him. I ran to the bathroom and fingered myself. It turned me on SO much. I'm turned on right now. I imagined slipping that c*** into my mouth and his cries of protest as I sucked and jerked him off...mmmm...dammit. I'm just waiting for my roommate to get home so I can f***** ride his d*** like a buckin' bronco. Oh my god, I don't know how I'm going to make it through this.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Actually gay men on average have bigger meatsticks. So I don't blame ya....don't believe me...look it up.

  • Let me know if you ever have a vacancy for a new roommate. ;)

  • My wife can get like this as well. It annoys her, but she also revels in it.

  • hahahHAHAHAhahahahahahhahahhahahhaHAHAHAHhahahah

    sorry, didn't make it past "meatstick." i never heard anyone call it that before, pretty f****** heinous.

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