Why must old people drive so slow, it

Why must old people drive so slow, it really ticks me off something cronic! I feel like just slamming into the back of them and running them off the road. I wish people over 80 had to hand in their license, that would be a dream come true.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Right, because idiot kids who text and fvck around on Facebook while operating heavy machinery at high speeds are SO much safer. Next one I see, I'm gonna T-bone and act like I got whiplash so that their daddy will buy ME a new car too!

  • LOL There are plenty of idiot drivers on the road, not just old people. I hate when people ride with their blinker on!

  • I think you cut & pasted this from Ventibate. Even misspelled "chronic" again.

  • next time your driving and some lame ass old f*** is in front of you on the road, drive beside him or her and toss a molotov cocktail at there windshield, that'll teach the old b****** !

  • You dumb f***...your gonna be 80 one day unless someone runs you off the road first...F*****....

  • OMG there is people out there that hate those old dumbass drivers besides me!!! thank god!!!

  • You should HOPE to reach 80! When you don't have much time left, you slow down to enjoy it.

  • be careful what you wish for! statistically people are living longer and saying 50 is middle age. My boyfriend's grandfather just took his driving test at the age of 94 and is driving very well. remember what goes around comes around!!

  • they think theyre going fast thats how old ppl are they go 5 mph and they think theyre going 50 duh !!

  • exatally remeber you wil be 80 one day and peopel will prolly say worse things about you. how about you shut up and get a life insted of raggin on old people!! they dont do any thing wrong im sure that you dont need to go 70 down the freeking road you can be just a little patient!

  • It would be a dream until it happens to you.

  • cuz mind works slower

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