In 1989 I was asked to look after my neighbours dog while they went out for new years eve,
I agreed and as soon as they left I searched her underwear draw and got changed into some of her lingerie luckily for me her shoes also fitted me so I was able to wear heels as well, I went back downstairs and started to watch p*** knowing I had all night,
their dog soon started whining so I went to check on it, the damn thing knocked me over and as I went to get up it mounted me and thrust its knot straight into my ass, I was now knotted by a rather large dog but I wasn't panicked as I had all night.
Wrong! this is when my neighbour came home as he'd had an argument with his wife without a word he took out his c*** and made me suck it then just as he sprayed my face with s**** his wife walked in saw what was happening and simply went to bed,
The next day she simply said "suck him off anytime you want! saves me doing it"

Dec 27, 2019

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