Aunty and cousin

It happened 3 years ago me and cousin was 16 and my aunt 33 it started when my aunt out of the blue asked if ive ever touched myself and took my silence as a yes and was like that for about a week she then started with the same question but then asked if ive used a condom when i said no she asked me to follow her up stairs as we went up each step she took her skirt would rise and could see she had stockings on which wasn't helping me,in her room she opens her bedside table draw and says try this on a condom i didn't think just drop my shorts and put it on she asked how it feels but im stairng checking her out my c*** twitching with a little smile on her face she walks towards me and says i no what you want pushed me on to the bed i watch as she pulls down her knickers and gets on top and it's over within 20 seconds,was like that for the next few weeks when instead of having s** she was wanking me off and talked about her daughter how she let her last bf f*** her daughter and asked if i wanted to before i answered she stopped picked her phone up and said well let's see called her put it on speaker and asked do you fancy some c*** my cousin asks who's to which my aunt said your cousin's,she was only around the corner when she came in i was waiting for her to be disgusted but she said her and mum like to share, part 2 coming soon.

Jan 6, 2020

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