Married wife

Has any of you f***** a married s*** recently.How did it happen? Leave your comment below in details please

Jan 27, 2020

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  • My most recent relationship was an open relationship. What continually surprised me was that when married women found out I was in an open relationship they would come around on their own. I had s** with four different married women numerous times over the course of a few years -- without me ever having to initiate it! (None of their husbands ever found out.) I have asked a couple of other women friends why they thought this happened -- because I didn't really understand it! My women friends immediately said the same thing: because the women knew I was in an open relationship and for me it would only be s**, they felt safe to take me on as a s** partner... because they knew I wouldn't get all weird and mushy and mess up their marriage.

  • I was 16 at the time and my Brother worked for the prison system and he sometimes went out to forest fires to guard the prisoners that fought fires and Opal was a afraid to be left alone so he asked me to sleep over so she wouldn't be afraid.
    On the second night I was asleep and I woke up when she sat on the side of the bed and I could hear her harsh breathing and she pulled the blankets back ad I asked what she was doing and she said dot talk and I laid there not sure what was going on until she took my c*** and started to stroke it then she crawled between the blankets and I felt her mouth sucking my c***.
    I was surprised but it felt great I had never had a b******* before but as soon as I was really hard she threw the blankets back and mounted my hips and raised up and lowered her body onto mine and she felt really hot as she slid down my c*** then I started to say something but she said be quiet as she moved faster and faster.
    I was getting ready to c** when she cried out and ground her p**** against my groin then I was C****** to.
    She quietly laid beside me for awhile then she left.
    That became a regular thing after that and we never mentioned it during the day and never said anything while we f***** until Jim came back from fire fighting. I spent several times after that keeping her company when he was called out to fight fires and it was the same each time.

  • I and friends with this girl who used to date my bestfriend. She and I are never going to hook up, but I we liked eachother as friends so I come around her house all the time. She lived with her mom and stepdad. Her mom is f****** hot. She's fit, has a nice little ass, big t***, and a great personality. I started flirting with her every time her husband wasn't around. One night we were outside after her daughter's 20th birthday party. I was helping her mom clean up and as normal I was flirting. I turned around and she flashed me her beautiful t***. We snuck off behind the garage and I f***** her bent over an old tool chest. The next day she told me she had too much to drink and we shouldn't have done that. I keep hoping for a repeat but no such luck yet.

  • I was/am my best friends hall pass. She and her husband got together when they were 17 and had only slept with one another. He proposed an idea where they could have a free pass with someone of their choice. Couldn't tell the other person who it was though. Was really awkward having dinner with them and a few mates knowing I'd had his wife bouncing on my c*** bare a few hours earlier. Gotta say though her p**** is the sweetest one I've ever had though and so long as he's stupid enough to not keep the marriage closed I'm going to let her into my bed as often as she likes.

    Just to head off any arguments the deal is real as I know who he picked

  • I did last night. I’m married to her. Same reason I always do it. She wanted me to. H***, if I didn’t do it, some other poor sap would have to.

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