Equine Vets

Do any vets or vet tech get h**** when cleaning a horses sheath? Or any breeding procedure with dogs or horses?

Jan 29, 2020

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  • I’m 48 and when ever I see a horses d*** it makes me wet.

    I just can’t stop thinking how big that is and how bad I want a big c*** to stretch my p****

  • First time I assisted in sperm extraction, I didnt get the boot on fast enough and I got sprayed in the chest and face... i acted like I didnt like it, but i was so turned on.

  • I have to admit, when I am working with horses as part of breeding and I see the stallion ready to go, dripping seman I do think about s** and get very turned on, thought I was the only one. I used to get very embarrassed about being wet thinking about a horse.

  • Happens all the time to me. When I get a little frisky my hubby laughs and say, “ I guess my little lady saw the big horsey d*** and could figure out how to get that inside her. So now she has to settle for her hubby that’s hung like a horse.” I smile and whisper in his ear “nay”

    Oh and by the way I am a lucky lady he is hung. He is just shy of eight inches. But I want more!

  • I use to help my boss breed horses I hold the Mayor I get rock had seeing that big fat horses c*** I go j******* after

  • Have you tried dogs?

  • When my hubby is out of town I let our lab lick my p****

  • Yes I use to let my lab f*** my ass love his c*** in me squirting his c** me he would not in me love it

  • Yes

  • Anyone know? My husband loves me messing around with animals

  • The tip of a dog's sheath needs to be cut a bit to widen the opening, say by 1/4th of an inch. This allows him to push out his c*** and then the knot at ease when f******.

  • Jesus!!! You must be an incredible lover. I wish I belonged to you.

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