I’m a straight male and curious about being with a man. I’ve been watching male p*** and getting excited. Sometimes I even m*********. I love a man with a nice ass. I would love to try a*** both given and receiving. If you’re interested in chatting leave a message.

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  • Hi I am gay and have been for sometime and live in Illinois and would love to have gay s** with another guy. I also love gay male p*** anytime. I also wear nylon panties and bras and sometimes use maxi pads in my panties. I have also worn a shirt, and hose and garterbelt but haven't in a while Email me at if you are interested Have a great weekend Pantydresser

  • How old are you?

  • Totally curious. Ga y p.o. rn just makes me hard and want their monster co ck ramming my virgin mouth. Swallowing a massive lo a d of hot creamy cu m is my dream.

  • Me too! I want his c um in my ass too

  • You might be bi my dood have fun

  • I’m also curious and interested

  • Hi How old are you and where do you live and do you wear panties and bras? I love a*** and oral s**, foreplan and frenchkissing anytime email at

  • Im also curious

  • Hi I am gay and would love to get naked with you and have s** together. email me at anytime.

  • Hi I would love to have gay s** with you if you want to as I live in Illinois and love a*** and oral s** foreplay and frenckissing and wear nylon panties and bras. Email me ar

  • I would love to be with another curious male. We can play and experiment. I’m getting excited thinking about it. I would love to eat your ass.

  • Try it once, you might like it

  • Would you like to?

  • I live in southern Illinois and I am gay and would love to get in your pants sometime and make love with you and even suck your c*** and give you an enema. email me at

  • I have done it many times it started by accident, sadly the person has since passed so I have not been able to do it again. It is a very interesting story though.

  • Don't do it once you do you will get hooked lol I love and live sucking c*** to

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