Family bonding during lockdown

Hope other families are taking advantage of this lockdown situation to strengthen the bonds between you, one and one and group, as often as possible



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  • Aren't you glad you set off the fantasy-tards with your self-righteous little blurb?

  • Here in Germany we are locked until 15th of april, I think at Easter we get to know more.
    My husband works Home-Office and he fetched his mom (75) at the last day before we're locked. She lives alone and so we can care for her.
    The only point I am a bit scared. My husband f**** his mom since october last year. and now, that she is here all the time I am scared our kids get to knoiw about it. Would be difficult.

  • I'm in lockdown with my mother and grandmother. After about a month their sexual needs became to much for them One evening, they asked me to fu ck them. Now, I sleep one night in my mother's bed, and one night in my grandmother's bed. On the first night, I couldn't believe that I was finaly spunking up my mother. It was just unbelievable. They've assured me that when lockdown finishes I can continue to fu ck them whenever I want to..

  • Use this to teach them about s**

  • Let me teach them

  • Let them watch

  • Me and my sister are both single and I've moved into her house during the lockdown so we can keep each other company. We experimented together when we teenagers but we didn't go beyond oral s**. Now we're having full s** and we're not using contraception.

  • Single mom... teaching my kids all about s**. we are on oral. Their bigger brother and me will demonstrate. Do you think we should do a facial first or swallow?

  • Fake d**** bag

  • I would say 99.9999% of the s*** on here is fake

  • The % is probably hight but not that high! Lol

  • Definitely swallow. A facial is disrespectful. My mum taught me everything about s** and how to treat a woman in bed. S** education should be taught at home but in a loving way.

  • To each their own. love jacking out his facials. plus sometimes with swallowing theres too much to handle and overflows out of my mouth. all loviingy

  • Ok, each to their own ๐Ÿ‘

  • Managed to have my wife see the advantage of adult diapers.

  • My father is f*** me ( I'm a 20 year old girl) and my brother Rob who 18. Rob and I also f*** each other.

    We both started with Dad, 7 years ago. We seduced him. He had no chance to resist us.

    Dad is a sexual demon. He can always get hard and he bi. He'll suck p**** and c***.

    My p**** and ass and bro's ass hurt so much we can barely walk. This weekend Dad gave me a break but my Rob's mouths has been a c** dumps. My brother's belly hurts from all the c** he swallowed.

    It seems Dad obsessed with Rob's mouth on his c***. Rob willingly does it as he is equally obsessed with have Dad's 11 inch c*** c** in him.

    Tonight I going back for s**, I'm so f****** h****, and only Dad's meat satisfy me completely.

    The lock down has lead to incredible incestuous love making for us. Love my Daddy and bro so much.

  • So dad popped your cherries at 11 and 13, lucky bloke lovely tightpussy and a******

  • Family s** is great!!

  • My dad and I have definitely taken advantage of the lockdown. We've never had so much s** before in our lives. He usually f**** my ass once or twice a week, but now it's become a ritual. Morning, evening, night, and repeat. My ass is so f****** sore but I can't say no to his c***

  • Does he pump his s**** into your ass?

  • Yes

  • Pedo get some lead in your head

  • I like the sound of this site!!! I'm staying with my grandpa's brother as we are on lockdown in the uk and my parents live abroad. I am a student at a secondary school in Oxfordshire. Gramps is a lovely old guy and I regularly stay with him in the short school holidays, like easter and bank holiday.
    Gramps is gay and so am I ever since he seduced me at 15.
    I will always remember the first time. I had been out in the garden and came in the house to look for him to see if he would take me to the cinema. I called out for him, no reply, so I went up the stairs and found him asleep on his bed wearing his gown which was wide open exposing his huge c***.
    I was standing staring at it and noticed that it was getting harder and bigger then I looked up at gramps, he was awake and watching me. I was feeling aroused, I wanted to touch his c***, he opened his gown wider and beckoned me to him.
    I remember, I was now fully hard, he could see that under my shorts. I stood by his bed, he pulled my shorts down, leaned over and took my c*** into his mouth. I shot my c** almost straight off.
    He pulled me onto the bed, pulling my shorts and plimsols off and I was left wearing just my t-shirt. I felt his hard c*** against my body, it was hot and throbbing. I reached down and held it, rubbing it gently, we were kissing, it was spontaneous, he was moving against my hand, he was so big and I was loving it, the affection and the s**.
    Gramps asked me to fetch some body cream from the bathroom, which I did, and as I went back into the bedroom I was getting aroused again. I got onto the bed, he turned me round, I could feel his fingers exploring my bum, he was applying the cream. Then I felt that huge head pushing at my bum and then the pain, it hurt so bad that I cried out.
    Gramps took my cherry that night and he has been s******* me ever since and I love it, I love him!!!!

  • I would have had you before 15

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