different in Cambodia

In Cambodia, rape is seen differently. In Cambodia, we have a practice called "bauk". It means "plus" in the Khmer language. Bauk is a commonly accepted tradition in Cambodia. Basically, what bauk is is when a group of men get together (they usually start of drinking at a bar), 1 or 2 of them go get a prostitute, she is brought back to a place where all the other men are waiting, and all the men gang-rape her. She is basically told she has to have s** with all of the men for free or she will be beaten by all the men very severely. So, she does. But, in Cambodia, this is more of a bonding experience for the men. It actually does a great deal to create long-lasting friendships between Cambodian men and strengtens bonds between fathers and sons. It is a very commonly-accepted practice. And it is OK because the only women being gang-raped are women believed to be prostitutes. That is to say, women who are not faithfully married and single women who are not virgins. Cambodia is a very traditional country and there, if you are not known as a faithful and dutiful wife or you are a single female who is not known to be pure (a virgin), you are a prostitute. Basically, if a single woman is believed to have had s** before or even if she hangs out in bars or if a married woman is believed to have been unfaithful to her husband, she is a prostitute and can be taken for bauk. Now if a faithful wife or a single female known to be pure (a virgin) is taken for bauk, then that is a crime and those who participated in the bauk can be made to pay a fine. But, overall, bauk is good for Cambodian society because it creates strong bonds between Cambodian men and encourages Cambodian women to be virtuous.

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  • And that's why we call you all jungle f****** animals. Humans don't do s*** like that, only barbaric f****** animals do. You're disgusting, a woman's life is worth more than your s***** ass bonding with other men you p****. Definitely stay in your own backwards ass country, practices like this is why nobody wants immigrants coming around. Why don't you all f*** each other in the ass, I hear that makes for good bonding

  • I know Cambodia. The men are not animals- they are far lower than that.

  • Whether the poster is fake or not this is commonly practiced tradition throughout Asia and Africa. It's becoming common other places as well, mostly as an initiation or bonding experience for gangs so that they all have something they can use against each other so they all know they can trust each other. I consider this practice much better than ritual murder which gangs often used to use for the same purpose.

    In Asia it's not exclusive to gangs like it is in most other parts of the world. It's quite common for classmates or businessmen to share a girl. One of the times I was in Cambodia studying the Tonle Sap our group happened to be all males so we decided to loosen things up and get to know each other by getting drunk at our hotel. Our guide disappeared on the mistaken assumption we were planning a Bauk he returned with a young child prostitute on the assumption we would all rape her and was quite surprised when we opted not to and decided to call it a night.

  • This is fake as F***. No f****** Khymer is going to write with perfect grammer and spelling.

  • ^I have had the exact same idea. Except the daughter in law part. I would love my little sweetie on my lap again. Oh those were the days. I would like her to take over her mother's duties in that respect.

  • Wow, I would love to hear mom about your daughter.

  • I want to start a tradition that when a wife is no longer able to satisfy her husband then the daughters and daughter in laws do. I want to start with one very sexy little one who used to sit on my lap with her head on my chest. To have another opertunity with that little sweetheart. She is now in her mid 20's but I would still like her on my lap. Anyway I digress

  • You should die.

  • everyone has value you f****** piece of s***- even prositiutes. I hope this happens to your daughter. but then you'll just shrug your shoulders because you're a piece of s*** who values camaraderie with other rapists vs. respect for God's creatures. Have fun looking Him in the eye and explaining that one.

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