Mother in law

I have had the hots for my mil since day one. I have been living with her for 2 years sometimes she ask me to rub her shoulders because her husband sucks st it and i do and she make a moaning sound. She is a sexy smal blond love ger feet. I want to please her with nothing in return but i just dont know how to proccede. Most days she is super sweet and flirty and rarley she is a total b××××. I want to message her feet rub her legs hear her moan some and for her to order me to eat her. The other day i was irritating her she took her knee and kinda softly nut checked me i was so turned on i want to proceed and make a move but i dont know the right way to do so without blowing it please help

May 14, 2020

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  • Dude you do that you might get cussed the f*** out lol look why you rub her shoulders ask if she wants a foot massage ( which also gives you access to her legs) convince her that if she thinks your good with her shoulders imagine with her feet rub her feet and legs normally for a lil then more provocatively when you hear that moan tell her she should see what you can do to the rest of her body depending on how she respond you take it from there it could only lead to her wanting and possibly secretly pursuing you for pleasure and if she denies you she won't be insulted enough to snitch

  • While giving massage to her upper body, ask her if she wants more on the downside - if positive slowly slide your hands towards the side of her b****. Hopefully she will lift her chest a bit to have better access to her t***. Reach for her nips, if possible - continue messaging till she gets h****! Alternatively, if you are at her thighs, move your palm as high as possible crossing her panties line. If she enjoys, ask whether she wants more. If so, push the towel towards her waist and give a good ass cheek massage drawing your palm downwards, towards her v-line. Her sexual arousal will lead her to lift her buttocks so that you may reach for her p**** lips. I had many clients from abroad, mostly in their 30 to 40s who love full massage in my parlor at central Bangkok. And they go for happy-ending through masturbating their p**** by my hands and clever fingers!!

  • Tell her "if I could have two wives' ,I would want you and your daughter.

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