Is it normal?

If you never thought about s** with another boy and all of a sudden you did and liked it is it learned? He was an older boy and I was quite a bit younger and after he topped me I became promiscuous with other boys all of a sudden?

Jun 3, 2020

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  • I'm.a boy you can suck me of whever youbwant

  • Uh-huh, like after the first time an older boy f#ckd me in the butt I was like really his, no fooling! When he slowly and gently pushed into me I was tingling all over and didn't know why.

  • WTF!!! That's nasty

  • It's so like the normal thing, it really is!

  • All it takes is that first time for a cute impressionable boy to become a bottom as it did for me. I hid from him for a few weeks till all of a sudden I started hanging around his house wanting to get noticed, it worked.

  • I wonder if I gave off signs of some sort? Once it happens, being seduced by another boy I became so different. Other than the other boy's trying to get in my boy panties because of the boy who was my first bragging about the cute tight ass boy he'd been f******. Other boys became attracted to me, boys who I didn't know?

  • I'm a boy I'd want to be sucked of by a boy I'll show you my panties

  • F*****.
    Your a*** is for s******* from only.
    F****** shitstabbers. Ugh !!!

  • ?????

  • Yes. Once you discover you love being ass f*****, you never want a girl again. I was topped at 13 by my brother's friend who was 18. I came from it and was hooked. I've kept tract of it (I'm a math nerd) in the 6 years from that first time I have let over a 1,000 boys and men take me anally.

    It mainly happens on Friday and Saturday, I've learned how easy is to proposition a group of guys, and found most are so h**** they willingly f*** me. I have a motel room rented, plenty of condoms and lube and beer. Nothing beats having 10 guys ass f*** me one after the other. I c** so much from it the bed is soaked from my c**. During the lockdown my ass has been used so much I have group of 6 guys who I let f*** me bareback. It seem the more c** they see dripping from my ass the more s** they want.

    This weekend, they f***** me 47 times, I can still barely walk, but the a*** pleasure was magnificent.

    I wish men stopped wasting time f****** women, my ass is so much tighter, and I never will say no.

  • I much rather f*** an a***than a p***

  • Uh-huh, like totally! I was too young to c** from bottoming with the older boys but it would really tingle. I was 12-1/2 when the boy who was my first moved back to town and was he was 18. I like kinda melted and was shyly delighted when he bent me over his dad's worldbench in the back garage. It was so cool how he rearranged my khaki shorts and worked his p**** up inside of me with my underpants hastily worked aside. We were both (my first wet o***** experience) so excited that we came simultaneously prematurely, him between my cheeks about to push in and me gushing into the front of my underpants. A few moments later with him snuggly in my tight butt we both came again. Did I become quite the cute boysl*t after that...

  • I'll be your pantie boy I'll be friends with you

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