Daughter's attention

For year I have shared my wife with other men. Our favorite is always g******** while I watch. I love watching her take 3/4 c****. Well, in the last few years I have noticed friends and strangers checking out our 12 year old. Since I started seeing men check her out, I can't but think i'd lover her to love c**** and g******** just like mom one day. Her bikini is rather skimpy this year so I am looking forward to all the attention she gets. frankly, I'd love for our youngest, 10 to grow up and love c**** and be a w**** like her mom too. I love the idea of the 3 of them being g********* by a room full of men one day.

Jun 25, 2020

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  • Damn I'm a 14 year old girl. I want to use/be used with a girl and older man preferably her father.

  • Mmmmm email me thebluestdevil@yahoo.com

  • Ur husband omg.

  • Oh dear, I think I found my husband's posts

  • Is that a bad thing?

  • That happened?

  • Do you say that because your hub wants that too? Or because you want that?

  • Lucky woman to have a hubby who enjoys seeing you have lots of C***

    But kinda sick that he wants the same for his daughters

  • But if the daughters want the same thing one day when they are old enough, what's the difference?

  • If the daughters want it that’s fine. But I can’t see how any girl would want to have their dad watch them get their brains f***** out.

    As a mother I would be happy that my daughters found themselves and how to get pleasure, but I would not want to watch unless those young men wanted to f*** me first.

  • Email me and tell me thebluestdevil@yahoo.com

  • Are yours old enough? How old are they? Maybe they would be polite and wait their turn...lol And if the girls didn't mind dad watching, then that's better than dad waning to join...lol

  • My girls are 15 and 17. My son is 19 almost 20

  • Well I'm sure your girls will love c**** and g******** soon enough...

  • Well, if they were old enough and wanted to ganged like mom, I'm sure it would be easy to find 15 men for a mother/daughters g*******...lol

  • Yes I bet it would be easy to find 14-15 guys willing to f*** my girls and I. But mommy would want to be first. Mommy is picky and I want only the best for my girls.

    My girls are 15 and 17. I’m 49 married but always h****

  • Would you like to watch them get g*********?

  • Only if I were getting some c*** too

  • But if the daughters want it too when they are old enough, what's the difference?

  • I would divorce my hubby if he did that. They are his daughters that’s sick.

    But it would be fine if I participated. After all, I’d be their for their safety and make sure I get my share of young c*** too

  • Not fair for mommy and the girls t have all the fun...lol

  • You like a nice hard young c*** then.

  • Yes! Nothing is better than young c***. It’s always fun to help young men gain confidence.

    It’s funny to watch them fumble around a sexy mature bush.

    I love rubbing my Bush on their chest and tummy. Then put my 38 C b****** in their face while I slide my p**** down on to their young hard c***.

    I love watching their face as a sit up and ride. They are always surprised that they slid right in and that it feels soooo good.

  • Yes I gues it’s the same for a man when f*** a nice young body with a girl firm t*** tight c***.

  • Lol bad

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