Hungry for my wife

This hunger goes wild. The more I crave her the more wild the imagination. Currently, I want her to face f*** me with a large, thick, e********** d****. I want her to make me choke on it and the c**. I want her to juzz all over my face and make me her little c** s***. Then I want her to curl me up into a ball, wrap her hands around my neck and pound deep into my a******. Stretching me with that fantastic c***. I want to hear the sound of our bodies pounding together as she f**** me hard and deep, staring into my eyes as she f**** me. If I'm deserving of it, she milks my d*** while slowly f****** my a******, making me quiver with delight as my body involuntarily responds... F****** her hand while f****** her c*** with my ass.

When we're done, I want to feel the c** dripping from my gaping a******.

This rant didn't fix my hunger... Just made me crave harder.

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