Oral from bro’s gf

My brothers girlfriend sucked my c*** while we were both sitting on the couch watching Netflix in the morning back at their university rented apartment while he was in class...

She couldn’t even fit the whole thing in her mouth, she didn’t care that I hadn’t even showered yet (I slept on the same couch the night before).

I’m 25yrs old, tall, slim-fit, smooth.
She’s 22yrs old, petite, slim fit.

She swallowed everything and even sucked my b**** clean from the nights sweat.

Her and my brother are still together, they may even get married.

Jul 12, 2020

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  • F uck she's a dirty little b itch, couldn't even wait to shower. It must have left a nasty taste in her mouth had she given you a blowy.

  • It happens, my brother's future ex-wife blew me and my friends a few times when we were in Junior High and she and my brother were dating in High School. She never did stop cheating on him. Two of their kids aren't his, each one caused a divorce. Yup, he took her back once, "for the good of the kids." Her current husband she stole from her then best friend. Brother is now a confirmed bachelor.

  • Nice! I would love it if my girlfriend gave my brother a b******!

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