no one cares about your pain

i know it sucks feeling alone and depressed
the weight of the world pounding down on you
and all you want is for some one to look past you fake smile and ask "whats wrong"
But its not going to happen, you know why
because everyone else is going through the same thing
their too buisy dealing with their own hurt to care about yours

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  • Other people aren't "too busy" to help if they think they can get something out of it.

    But if you are ugly, poor, socially awkward? Forget it. You have nothing to offer. No one will attempt to look past your fake smile. No one will care that you're boiling away on the inside.

    So keep growing, become more and more bitter... and then release those years of grief under a cloud of bullet fire. Doesn't matter where, just be sure it's a crowd... when you start out, anyway.

    People will be "shocked" and "traumatized". They will claim to not have a clue why you "snapped". There will be hue and cry about mental health this and gun control that... and within six months, we'll all go back to being "too busy".

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

  • My life's that way to

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