Past lovers

I was always turned on by thinking of wifes past lovers . one night we talked about it n she told me about some of the s** she had .it turned me on so much . .thinking way she was f***** . i f***** her as she tild me about them the list went on n on . i told her to close her eyes n think im them as i f***** her . she moaned when each thought came into her mind it was amazing . went on for ages each positition she thought of a past lover . then we did a*** . our 1st time n her 1st confession that she did a*** b4 . but i was shocked . when she told me who it was . . turned out it was her step brother . who was our best man . shock turned to arousal .

Feb 14, 2021

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  • I have great s** life with my wife but i do often w*** about other guys who f***** her and even guys id like to tfuck her . sounds bit strange but it does turn me on for some reason . one certain guy id even share her with him . now him or her dont know way i think . but we often been out all together and after the night id have s** with wife n then when shes asleep id w*** about him n her making love . now its not all one sided i

  • The wife has had many lovers , past or present. She will admit to this or that after s** and sometimes she scares the h*** out of me. She has admitted to doing 2 guys and they were brothers, she admits to being photographed while having s** . She has admitted to doing a college kid in the grocery parking lot and picking up some guy while shopping and going to a motel for s**. She has even met an ex or two and going to their apt for s** while being married to me.

  • I loved my husband so much n didnt wnt to lose him i knew he was seeing a another woman . n the thougjt il love him ws killing me . i knew he was staying overnight with a woman so i got in contact with her .we talked n became friends n agreed we both loved him and we could both have him . one friday night we both met up and waited for him to come home. he opened bedroom door n we both looked at him n smiled . he climbed into bed kissed both of us touching us . then went down on me then on her . watching him eat her turned me on n her telling him to make love to ur wife 1st .it was amazing feeling him . and her telling him to give me his love . then i told him im not greedy give her what u gave me . watching them make love felt amazing . we now a family

  • I get turned thinking of wifes past lovers . especially when we having s** . at times id be down on her licking her c** n think did she c** in there mouths . makes me jeslous but turns me on at ssme time . . sometimes id like to see her been f***** . . when she says fill me with ur c** i wonder did she say that to them or had they bigger c**** . is she telling the truth that im only one did a*** . get jeslous but turned on as well . at times love to share her . id love to watch her having 4play . n looking at me . at same time id love her to watch me f*** some one . . we talked about 3somes i wanted mmf she wants mff . . we sometime roleplay 3some with d**** n it turns me on . we even had my c*** n d**** inside her playing she getting both c**** at same time . h**** thinking of it

  • I split up wife years ago when we were young . i wss out one night in a bar n we bumped into eachother she wss with friends and i with lads . we said our hellos n that was it but i did say to myself wow she looks good . near end of night i seen her again on dancefloor . she long blonde hair wearing short leather mini skirt n knee lenght boots looked great but bit slutty not like her . anyway i called her over n was chatting n her friends told her they leaving . i said id drop her home . we left and got taxi to her place .are u coming in ok i said . .we only in the door n i had her lying back on sofa .skirt pulled up n panties pulled to the side eating the p**** like it was 1st time . her legs up in air spread wide licking juices out of her . i sucked on her nipples . as she put my hard c*** into her hand n guided it inside her .i f***** her hard .making her moan . everyway i could .turned her over n f***** her from behind . harder harder she called out . until i exploded inside her . n left . following week i was at home and i got phone call late from her .her n her friend came up . looking to be f***** again . i f***** her and she bit drunk she fell asleep .i went downstairs n her friend asked where she was .shes asleep . good . cause i want what she got . my lucky day . i had her on the floor f****** her . . . but i was found out i made her pregnant .

  • I often play with a d**** as my husband watches . and asks me questions about past . it turns him on and i kind of like it myself . we both love it and the s** we have afterwards does be wow . especially in front of mirror watching him f*** me . .

  • My boyfriend likes hearing about guys I had s** with before him and it always leads to him wanting s**.

  • After a bit of time dating my wife had told me of her past, as she put it just quickies, she lived with a guy for 2 years and left him because as she said , he was a jealous j***. still wanting s** and no relationship a random quickie was the way to go. Never the same guy twice, At some point this I found did get me h.... , I still about her tales once in a while.

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