Im a lesbian…

My parents, especially my dad are really conservative, hes the head pastor of a church, and is really homophobic. ive been acting straight my whole life. im so tired of pretending and i just wish they would accept me as the way i am. its so mentally exhausting 😞

Jul 8, 2021

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  • You people are mentally exhausting. Don't care if you're miserable. Get with a man. You lesbians crave a p**** anyway...

  • Unironically get help.

  • F*** them. Now get out there and have some fun! I like girls too and I have a d***.

  • Get your mental health checked. You sound like another Rapinhoe and there’s already too many of those.

  • I'm a pastor, and God loves you. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. Be who you are. Be true to yourself. Be the person God created in God's own image. :-)

  • Yeah a woman that needs to marry a man

  • You are going to downtown 666. And you are going to burn fast. You are sick and disgusting. Stay away from my children.

  • Yeah they ruin normal, traditional families. Don't come to Jamaica, you could be killed...

  • You have children? Now, THERE'S a sin!!

  • Yes, more future, conservative Christians.

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