Im a lesbian…

My parents, especially my dad are really conservative, hes the head pastor of a church, and is really homophobic. ive been acting straight my whole life. im so tired of pretending and i just wish they would accept me as the way i am. its so mentally exhausting 😞

15 days

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  • A lesbian? So what? Why do you feel that you have to let everyone know who you sleep with.
    Is it your raging mental illness that makes you cry out for attention?

  • You are going to downtown 666. And you are going to burn fast. You are sick and disgusting. Stay away from my children.

  • No body is absolute conservative as the churches acknowledge people life style. Make a difference in your life by the way you introduce the issue to anyone. I don't go around introducing myself as lesbian, but as a participating human who cares about others. I want to help others. I want to laugh and grief with them. Get your peace inside you before you demand it from outside. You can still be a lesbian and take care of your parents and homophobic friends. I meet a lot of girls who introduce their sexuality's first before I even know their name. That is wrong pure wrong. stay closeted and voice your sexuality to the few and select friends. when you take the bus-pay the fare and keep your mouth shut about you sexuality. No one need to know how h**** you are and if you like girls or not.

  • Come down from your cross. We need the wood.

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