Friend wanted to visit nudist beach resort

About 5 years ago I was at a Firm Retreat. A colleague, who I have known for years, on our day off, wanted to visit a nudist beach or resort. she told me her husband would never do it and would I as a friend. I had never gone either. We agreed, she got online, found a beach close, rented a car and left on the retreats go your own way day. We arrived both of us nervous! The beach was fairly crowded as we looked for a spot. We found a place , couples around and a group of middle aged women. We all said hi and laid down our towels. I am in my 50’s and Carol , about the same. We undressed and trying not to watch the other. Her b****** were full, large hard nipples Oh! I feel embarrassed she said! Don’t, it’s alright I said. She stood naked in front of me and , come on!! I pulled down my pants revealing my large flaccid p****. Oh! You are big! Sorry, I said! Oh! No you look good. She held her b****** in her hands. My p**** was swelling! How big are you, asked Carol? I have no idea! What cup size are you, I asked. Tight fit “C” or a “D”. You have nice b******. Let’s walk said Carol. As we walked people were looking. I said you are being noticed, thank you, said Carol, but it is your p**** that is getting the attention. We laughed! What I had read, nudists did not pay attention to other nudists. I felt that that was not true. Carols b****** were giggling and her nipples hard. My p**** was swelling and swinging. Let’s evaluate each other’s bodies, said Carol. Oh! Come yes tell me what you think. I like larger, firm b****** and yours are large and firm. You are fit, I said! You have a very nice tight bum, I added! Thank you! You have the largest p**** I have seen! How big do you get erect? No idea, I said. Flaccid, you look about six plus and about six around. One of the biggest on this beach. Never thought I would do this, pleased I did. Said Carol. Me too! It was a very interesting day! Never had s**, remain good friends and have never discussed our trip to this day!

Jul 18, 2021

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  • My parents were naturists and would often visit Lake Como just north of Tampa. I had gone with them several times when I was a little kid, but I usually stayed at my Grandma's. After my Dad passed away when I was 16, Mom started taking me with her for weekend trips. She told me she really didn't care to go alone and that I was old enough to accompany her.
    I must say it was quite the experience hanging out at the pool with my Mom and her friends. I was forced to get in the pool and swim quite a few times in order to "cool off"...LOL.

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