Loving Shemales Fetish

I’m a straight man who loves women but always have this fetish of watching s******/tranny videos cause these trans women somehow turn me on as much as cis women do, especially the ones with full transformation that you can really tell they’re already 100% women(apart from their sissy penises of course!). I always dreamt of having s** with a fully well transformed tranny anywhere. Never thought of ever sucking their c**** like some men who love shemales would but would seriously love to just f*** them in their a**** so hard & hear them scream & moan so badly that it’s just so good!

Oct 22

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  • I wanted to talk to a really hot one I saw in a skirt and black pantyhose but I never did.

  • I was a sweet faced 15 year old boy totally confused about my sexuality...
    I'd been with an older boy as a little kid and was totally confused about how I felt I felt like I wanted a first time experience with a girl but wanted to be underneath a boy lover like I so enjoyed before moving at 13. I was on the subway going downtown and she was sitting across from me in a short flowery sundress with the most gorgeous panties showing...showing the most beautiful p**** outline ever....
    I couldn't help but stare my boyish sized p**** was stirring in my underpants when I noticed him smiling. He was beautiful and so amazingly black. I didn't even know a black person let alone one that was a man that looked like a woman. He smiled at me and said that I was cute "Wanna date?" He asked and said again "Wanna date, it ain't gonna cost you nothing, wanna?" I don't know why but I nodded yes...
    In his apartment wearing his ruffled panties I, straddling him and giggling because I was all down on his remarkably perfect tapered black c*ck my ruffle covered boycheeks quivering and gripping it so tightly. Who'd of thought that those pretty ruffle butt panties had a hidden opening underneath that a guy could surprise a unsuspecting boy by sticking his black c*ck through it and into his "No way I don't want that in me" sweet smoothly perfect only gone with white boys bottom. My perfect shaped 15 year old boipussy, pearlescent pink flesh cheeked tightly f*ck'd.

  • T-Girls are GOLD!
    I was in Brazil on business when I had my first experience. Now I'm hooked!
    I use Pure all the time.

  • How ironic that cis women are trying to escape their gender role as trans women are flocking towards it. I wonder if we're going to have to have a trans women's rights movement in a couple decades so that trans women can also escape the"tyranny of the patriarchy" once the novelty of being feminine wears thin.

  • Understood. What a shame that it takes a tranny to display real femininity because women are too lazy to assume their gender role and be proud to dress, act, and be their best. I salute you and encourage all women to return to pride in their femininity. Now put on your nylons and get to work!

  • Now that’s the kind of answer that we want! Thank you!!

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