In my youth

When I was in my very early teens I was going through puberty issues although I leaned more to being heterosexual but had a bit of an interest in my own agenda being male as well, I was not to keen on the kissing aspect or a*** s**'s but i did enjoy the look of a p**** ! Not all but some p****'s and a good shaped butt ! Anyway I digress , I had this one friend that invited me to a sleep over at his place one Friday and his parents would be away for the night so we could indulge in a few drinks, music etc ! We shared a few personal views like I have shared with you and seem to get on well in actual fact I found him to be attractive without seeing him naked except I did see his p**** which was so attractive to me with a semi h****** and a long creamy shaft with a big round pinkish reddish head just peeking out of the it's foreskin looking so bold but yet not revealing it's self fully and the shape within the foreskins told you of his glory should you be privileged to draw it back to display it in full glory ? I was a bit younger and more feminine looking and he was more manly by looks ! Anyway we got a bit inebriated and shared s**'s stories/ adventures/fantasies ? I managed to get him to display the glorious creature he had tucked away in his shorts by us both agreeing to go naked and I got the pleasure of comparing mine against his which I have to confess mine was over shadowed by his fine creature and I watched him pull the foreskin ever so slowly back and his huge pink head unveil it's self and witnessed my lovely friend m********* until his creamy sperm emerged in spurt from the center of the head ! Wow, my young c*** just started to blow sperm from me from this experience which i was not expecting ?

Anyway we decided it was time for bed both having shot our loads and feeling proud about it and we got into separate beds both still naked ! I fell asleep and after sometime I felt a body snuggle up to me from the back which felt comforting, warm and made me feel loved and drifted off to sleep without a care ? I then sort of came around feeling my body being caressed in a loving way and gently not to wake me up? I enjoyed this attention although he thought I was sleeping/passed out ! I noticed while he was caressing
my c*** it felt lubricated and he was lubricating my b*m as well fondling me by gently inserting his one finger and increasing them as my entrance relaxed or gave way but he did not cause me much discomfort at all so I thought I would let it go and see how it plays out? I was now positioned on my tummy with my one leg bent forward to allow access to my p**** and b**** from behind leaving my b*m well exposed in the skydiver position ! Both of us naked skin on skin and I felt his p**** resting on my inner thigh just below the bum cheeks of the leg that is stretched out straight and all I could think about is the red/ pinkish monster of a head resting there hiding within the foreskin supported by his pale milky shaft which was slightly smaller girth than the head like a lolly pop. I then realised it was starting to grow and as it grew it was finding it's way between my bum cheeks which had previously been lubricated and I was suppose to be sleeping or passed out and I have never had a p**** in me let alone the size he has that is now zoning in on my back entry which is completely exposed with the assistance of his hip adjustments pressing in that direction ? I was excited and apprehensive and the same time and so undecided what to do so I let it go and continued to pretend to be sleeping? I felt the head of his c*** growing and moving towards my entry and my emotions were running riot and thought maybe once the head is in I will be okay as far as any discomfort , I did not know I was a virgin ! All this time my friend was adjusting the shape of out bodies ever so carefully as to not wake me up ! My p**** was as hard as rock which I thought may be a give away but did not seem to stop my friend who was loving my body as he manipulated it into position he needed by pushing the leg which was straight to bend so I was now in the foetus position and my b*m cheeks were wide apart with my entry fully exposed and his large p**** lolly pop headed p**** poised in position of my exposed entry ? I felt him press the head which should by now be exposed from the foreskin which caused my entrance to open up a bit and he withdrew but I was well lubricated in that area ! He then pressed forward once more and I opened up some more as it slowly penetrated and he withdrew once more and I did not feel much discomfort considering nothing has been up me in that direction before ? He was ever so gentle trying not wake me up as he knew I was not in favour of a*** penetration on myself ? He pressed further into me and i could feel the full circumference of his head entering but not in fully in when he withdrew it once more ( that was a bit uncomfortable ) I let out a little whimper but strangely enough enjoyed the pain that his beautiful head was causing and it will soon disappear inside me with that long milky shaft supporting it ! I was feeling so excited as he slowly thrust forward into my entrance and as the head passed my entrance it just slid in with ease and I could feel his p**** head deep inside me which excited me so much that the sperm just flowed from my p**** and from there on it was plain sailing and he pumped away at my torso for what seemed hours and I could feel his c*** pulsating on each occasion that he filled me with his sperm ! It felt wonderful and what made it pleasurable was the care and loving attention he showed me which was rewarded by me allowing him entry to me ?I fell properly to sleep with his c*** still in me We never acknowledged what went down that night or discuss it at all but I allowed it to happen a few more time because it was such a turn on ! Each time I pretended to be sleeping or passed out !

Feb 16

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  • Super hot story!

  • Almost the same for me when I was a teen. Friend and I went swimming then came in to change.When I saw him naked and he saw me naked he sort of came on to me.When he was close he took my hand and put it on his p**** which by now was hard. I was so nervous and frightened I'am embarressed to say I just fainted

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