Causing a break-up

I attended a small school with maybe 250 to 300 students. A few years ago, the school was absorbed into another school. I was the starting fullback and it was my senior year and not to brag but during football season I had plenty of luck with the girls.
Faith and Matt had been a couple since freshman year. It was common knowledge they were sexually active, planned to get married after high school and he’d work at his dad’s cabinet shop.
Faith had one of the hottest bodies in school because her parents were fitness nuts and owned a tanning bed at their house. She’d wear low rise jeans with heels & t-shirt. It would showed off her flat stomach and belly button. She had a dark leather tan, dirty blonde, hazel eyes. Trying to be polite, she was not attractive. Her face looked like a road construction project. Sorry just being honest. She loved the attention and Matt liked us checking her out but dang she was not attractive.
Faith was my lab partner and I’d flirt with her and could tell she enjoyed it. One day she wore a loose low cut shirt and while leaning towards me I could look down her shirt and see her black lace bra. She caught me looking and asked if I liked her bra. I told her yes but I’d like it better with no bra.
Matt and his parents were out of town the week of our rival game. We had an in school pep rally and it was common for the varsity players to give their extra jersey to a girl in the crowd and she’d stand with us and dance silly. She’d wear the jersey for the rest of the day and at the game. For some reason, I gave mine to Faith.
After the rally, she said, “That was fun, thanks. I guess I should give this back to you.” I said, “I was hoping you’d leave it on until we’re alone after school. You can take take everything off and I could see you with no bra on.” She whispered in my ear. “Deal”.
Long story, we went to my parents house after school.
I was going to make a condom purchase but she told me ‘no worries’. Her parents knew she was sexually active with Matt so they put her on birth control freshman year. On the drive, she also told me she’d only been with Matt and was excited.
Her naked body looked amazing! She had no tan lines, perky t*** and smooth shaven! I got on top and we started having s**. She felt so tight! We did missionary. I was close and she asked for cowgirl. I squeezed her perfect t*** as she orgasmed. We did doggy and I filled her full!
When she came back from the bathroom, I asked if I’m better than Matt. I’ll never forget her say, “What do you think? You got me off our first time!” While getting dressed, she told me Matt had only got her off a few times.
I promised never to tell that we had s**. She thanked me for keeping our secret.
Eventually Matt found out. One of his friends seen us leave school together. During the rumor phase, she confessed to Matt we had s** and they broke up. Looking back, now that I’m typing this, I think she wanted him to find out.
Matt treated her like sh*t around school. He tried getting rumors started but nothing gained traction.
I was between girlfriends and planned on going to prom alone but I decided to ask Faith. Her dress looked good, she gave me oral on the drive there and we had wild/crazy s** afterward.
That girl was ugly but she was also crazy & fun!

Mar 21

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