Losing your virginity

I tuned 65 last week. Medicare 65.

I got into a discussion with a cousin of mine about how we lost our virginities. She confessed to her night and I confessed to mine, two virgins who lost it at the hands of an older man. Her man, he was the maintenance man for the apartment block she lived in, she was 13 and he stuffed a sock in her mouth and raped her in the boiler room in the basement. He f***** her after that until he changed jobs when she was 15.

My experience was slightly different. I was 18 a new college freshman sorting out my place in the dorm. A guy came by looking for a guy named Al and he stayed in the room and offered to help me put my clothes in the drawers. He shut the door and showed me his d*** and told me to kneel and show him respect. He was an upperclassman and I was a lowly freshman and I sucked his d*** into an erection, I lowered my pants and bent over the still unmade bed and received my initiation f*** into queerdom. I fell in love with him but he had other boys to break in and he used me to set them up for their initiation.

She got it from a dirty old man and I got it from the college jock. Both lost our virginities to men we fell in love with and never turned them down after that. Her man left her behind and my man walked away with a cheerleader and married her and has two kids. The walk of life found me with the man I share my life with and she met and married her man, who grew up to be a dirty old man in his own right. My secret is when I was younger, and she was just married, I let her husband show me he was the man.

28 days

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