Child (boy) discriminated against due to a pierced ear

My little boy (he’s almost 6) has an earhole with an earplug. He came to me for a few weeks when I smoke with his mother on the balcony . He crawled on my lap and said, “Mom, Daddy, can I have an earpiece pleeease?” In the weeks thereafter, he repeated the question/request several times a day. Because we had nothing against it, we have now allowed him to. He’s absolutely happy about it, but the neighbor’s boy can’t play with him anymore. When I heard the reason, I almost laughed out of anger. The parents said “my young could be a bad fit for theire boy now...”

I was shocked. He is just a little boy with a poerced ear. A comoletely normal boy - does a lot of nonsense, but in a responsable limit like all bright guys at that age...

What u think about that

26 days

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  • Liar!

  • Yes i have to say its interesting to get labeled as an Liar! Very interesting

  • Why he sould be a lair? Whats the reason to.lie about something like that. one of my boy classmates has also a ear pircing (okay, he is 8). I saw kids even younger than that boy from this post...

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