My step daughter is soooooooooooooo hot, shes 21 w/the most amazing body, drop dead gorgous, the sexiest eyes, perfect nose, sexy full lips. I want her, but I know better and can't do anything. I know she sees me as "daddy", but she is so damn sexy. I think I may be falling for her. What to do?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Can you imagine her bouncing up and down on you calling out to "daddy" as you penitrate her over and over.

  • can you imagine the degree to which you might scar her? she thinks of you as a father figure.
    if you really lover her you'll let it be

  • dıd u already loose u brain?? heyy ıf she behaves to u as dad and even u behave to her as dad ..Why u wanna fınısh the respect between us??

  • "late" for what? I won't do anything stupid, I love her. I know how to control my feelings, It's internal not external.I won't just go for it"... I have too much respect for her.But I would ................ya know......

  • ^Someone who has never had s** wrote that.

  • You gotta go for it, dude. She's a grown woman, she can understand male urges by now. Take her out drinking one night and, when you are both pretty tipsy, make your move. Kiss her on the lips and she if she responds. If she does not respond favorably, you can always blame it on the booze.

  • Cut off your d***, so your dumbshit brain doesn't do something stupid with it.

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