I AM masturabating since age 14. i am 39 now. it has been going since last 25 years. i am unmarried. i had never s** with any female in life. i feel very very guilty. have i done sin. kya mein papi. i am very interrested to marry a pure virgin girl. i feel very angry marrying a used up girl. Your opinion please.

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  • Sorry but you probably waited too long to get into that virgin action unless you can buy it through a prearranged marriage. Which you would have to give a dowry for... money money money for a piece of unexperienced ass. You are probably so good at masturbating that anything else other than your hand will feel loose and might have problems.

    Just start with anything that'll touch your p**** first.

  • Men who want virgins are usually just insecure about their own sexual skills. They just don't want to think about someone possibly being better than they are.

    I'd ask you this question--if you had s** with a few girls before you got married, would you feel you were "used up"? Probably not. The double standard on this is ridiculous.

    Girls who have s** before marriage are better--we know how to make you happy. That doesn't make us whores. And to the guy above who thinks all women are whores? My husband and I have s** a couple of times a day, and we have three kids and have been married for 15 years. Maybe it's just YOU she doesn't want to have s** with, if that's your idea about women.

  • ^^wow- what a bitter a******. Guess you should have chosen a woman of better class instead of a peice of trash. But you know how it goes- like attracts like.

  • Dude, you are better off in your current situation. I assume you live in America or some western nation and, believe me, these women are no good. Most of them can't cook. Most of the can't clean. They are mouthy an bossy and disrespectful. And, you are correct when you assume that most of them are used up. Most of these women are whores from their early teens, onward. Just look at the epidemics we have with teen girls giving blow jobs and texting naked photos of themselves everywhere. You wait for that pure virgin you know you were meant to be with and, if she never arrives, so be it. You are better off in you current situation than hooking up with some w****, possibly getting her pregnant or her tricking you into marrying her, and then having to listen to her mouth everyday and having her spend up all your money. And, dude, if you think she is going to be your source for good s**, forget it. These whores never like to f*** their husbands. If they like to f*** at all, it's only when they are single and they are whoring around or when they are married and committing adultry. And, dude, just ask any married guy with kids and he will tell you that, after you have kids, there is no more s**, period. Count you blessings, dude, I know alot of married guys who wish they were in your shoes.

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