Im... I want to say in love but I think

Im... I want to say in love but I think its more infatuated with a girl named angela and she has no clue. I am married and I love my wife(no kids) but ever since the day I met this other girl I have not stopped thinking about her. We have no interaction other than we say hi to each other every once in a while but thats it maybe a couple of breif conversations at most.I think of all of the things i would love to tell her but know that I never will .The thoughts of just being able to get to know and spend time with her have haunted me for over a year now and will continue to for who knows how long....

Jul 8, 2010

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  • my advice is this you can think and feel what you want , but be sure that you have a constructive way of dealing with those felling, one thing i would think about is this , explore your feelings with you wife . If you love her like i understand love , how could you think of another woman ? I cheated on my first wife , i felt like a s*** for doing it but , she knew i didn't love her when i married her , so i feel she got what she asked for , but some of the poster's said somethings i have long forgotten and that is the self loathing that i felt . i was married again and i thought i was in love but i went for a woman with a better body and i continued to cheat on my second wife , i felt so guilty i did it out of pure l*** and the attention i got from other women , something about being married makes one kind of secure in a single's bar, i felt that if i met no one it was fine i still had my wife at home , but with all that said i wonder if you really love your wife?

  • I left my wife to satisfy an itch so to speak, its been a few years now but the pain I caused is still like an open scab and though I have moved on the guilt and self loathing is still like a monkey on my back...Think carefully before you do anything youre sure to regret.

  • A few moments of pleasure isnt worth the world of pain & self loathing that its sure to create...DONT DO IT!

  • I once had the same feelings for this guy. I stopped putting myself in places where I could run into him. The feelings faded after a year. Let it go, you'll be glad you didn't cheat on your wife. I know because once before this I did cheat, it was not even good. No one knows how to love you like the person who loves you and has been with you for years. Cheating makes you feel like a huge s***, you will always hate yourself. Don't go there, it's never worth it.

  • Hey man your married. BUT, your human. We make mistakes. Maybe this other woman is more, YOUR TYPE. MORE of a SOUL MATE. Here's what you have to consider. The right thing to do... if you really need to know and be with this woman, is get a divorce. Because cheating is for the WEAK and LAZY. If you can't bare a divorce than get some f****** self control. MAYBE THAT'S A SIGN... that you love your wife too much. You could use this new found passion with your wife. YOUR LUCKY YOU HAVE NO KIDS. I'm saying you still have the chance to explore new loves. But, these are serious decisions. And here's a thought. Let's say you you got that divorce, what's to say this situation didn't come up again? I feel for you bro... We all know what it's like to want new and exciting love so deeply. I hope you think seriously about things before you act.

  • think about your wife instead of HER

  • you should not like her because you have a wife and if you love your wife you would forget all about her!!!!!!!!! that is my advice to you
    signed a person who knows better than you!

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