I have been cutting for one year. My arm looks like it was mauled by a bear. I now have this wonderful boyfriend and he makes me so happy. I never cut anymore. The scars are still there and I always where long sleves. Today he asked me why don't I show my arms. I lied and said that I am always so cold. He says I am so beatiful and me showing my arms would make any man crazy. I really want to but I am afraid that he will think that I am crazy.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • A sick f***? Because I do have the common sense not to cut myself up? Hmm.....

  • Just show him. He either accepts it or he doesn't and its better to know now than later

  • buddy ur a f***** a****** i see your comments all the time dont listen to him hes a sick f*** k hun

  • I have not been cutting for one year. I say this because I should get more attention for having the common sense to not cut my arm, than you should for for cutting.

  • Why are you such a j***? Didn't you're mother ever tell you if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all? Cutting is not a cry for help or attention. it is almost always done in private and the scars, like the girl was saying are always hidden. As for the confessor. I know how you feel, When I'm in the kitchen at work and can't wear my crocheted bracelet I made specifically for covering those scars and can't wear long sleeves, I am so scared someone is going to see, I always keep my wrist turned away from everyone. I slipped the other day and was washing my hands and one of my "Class clown" type co-workers saw my wrist and asked me if I was a slasher. I felt very embarrassed and quickly turned it away. Luckily for me he didn't inquire any further after I mumbled a quiet no and quickly went to make burgers.

  • Yeah, the scars "stay hidden"... in a very visible way. Now the "former" cutter spends the rest of her life "whereing" long "sleves", even in tropical weather. Guaranteed attention for as long as she still has arms. So yes, cutting IS a cry for attention, one that will be self-sustaining long after the little r3tard is over its "cutting phase". I find it very hard to believe that is not taken into consideration... teenagers can't think very well, but they're cunning as $hit when it comes to things they WANT.

  • No. It is a cry for attention, full stop. There are many, many ways to deal with pain besides a method that leaves physical evidence that you then have to tell yourself you "hide" (but "accidentally" let people see all the time). It's so f***** up that I and other intelligent people-- aka those who deal with life's inevitable pain without needing applause for it-- have to keep repeating this basic truth.

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