When I was a teen I mixed someones drink with my member....

I mixed someones drink with my **. I was about 15 or 16 years old. I had a girlfriend at the time, who was friends with my sister and she had 2 other friends. All very attractive.

One was actually dating a friend of mine at the time.

I have always had a thing for this chick, We were always flirty but we never pushed it.

One day during the summer, she was over visiting my sister. It was pretty hot out here in the midwest that summer. I told them i was making lemonade. The instant kind, i just would mix it directly in these big plastic cups individually. She said she wanted a drink of some lemonade I was making.

She was ina bikini top, and little pants with her ** showing. I was extra ** and I dont know why but I pulled my ** out and was semi hard anyway and mixed her drink with ice and all. I didnt like finish in it or anything.

Then I gave it to her outside, sat down with them and she pounded the thing asap.

Something about her enjoying it then kinda eyefucking me like she would, turned me on alot.

I dont talk to her havent in years, she has kids and married some other dude and so did I (minus the other dude part)

Only time ive done something like that, and oddly think its still kinda turns me on to this day.

weird **.

Apr 26

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