I have a friend who I love more than anyone. When she's by my side I feel so alive. Unfortunately she only views me as a friend. This does not inhibit my love for her at all. I have an overwhelming devotion to her. When I'm out without her, and a girl flirts with me, I pretend not to notice.Sometimes I feel like I'm married to her. Even when I m*********, she's the only one I fantasize about. Well, maybe not the only one, but she always has a starring role. I don't know what I should do. Should I just try to move on? What if she changes her mind and decides that she wants me? Should I tell her that she's all I think of when I m*********? Will that win her over? HELP!

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  • OP here. S*** guys I don't know what went wrong. I tried everyting you said. I even took the advice of the 2nd comment and I stood with my lower regions out of view behind a trashcan and kept staring at her with a huge smile on my face as I stroked it, but then she saw my arm moving and asked what I was doing. I didn't answer her, staying true to the kind advice you offered, and just kept going. I was just ready to c** so I stepped out from behind the trashcan to reveal my intimate intentions in all of their glory but when I looked up, she had already gone. She left me just like that. I heard her door slam in the distance as I stood with my c*** in my hand alone. Next time I'll have to try plan B with it just hanging out in the car when she gets in, if there is a next time. Any other suggestions to help me out in this conundrum?

  • ^Alright, thanks. I will bring this up next time we speak. Keep your fingers crossed and let's hope this works!

  • Yes, tell her you j*** off about her often. That will endear her to you for sure.

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