Dear guys...

Some people say that when chicks call you cute they mean 'sexy' 'hot' or 'attractive'.

I just mean your cute. As in adorable. As in I could dress you up in a little teddy bear costume and you'd look soooo cwuuuute! (Even though your like 25 ^__^ ! )

And that's about the point where I mentally pat you on the head. But you just stand there, thinking that I've called you 'sexy' or 'hot', and take pride in it.

Tsk, tsk tsk. Guess they never learn.

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  • rotflmao at the last three comments!

  • ^You know a guy probably wrote that.

  • ^ i would soooooo love to lick s*** off your foot!
    That is so f****** hot!

  • Dear Guy that wrote the first comment,

    This woman was probably writing to guys who are not only cute, but also have had s**. You clearly have never had s**, probably never will.
    You are clearly some dumbass who is brave right now, but if by some one in a trillion miracle happens and you do get laid, you will be whipped beyond belief. If the girl that disgraces herself by having s** with you sticks her foot in s***, you will be so whipped you'll lick it clean.
    So in short, don't talk about things you have no clue about. Keep hoping you'll get laid, miracles happen.
    Thank You.

  • When it comes to flirting, its about s**.

  • Dear girls, just to make this distinction clear:
    When a guy tells you that you are beautiful, it doesn't mean that we think you are attractive, sexy, or hot. It simply means that if you don't put out, we'll stop talking to you and go find another unattractive, shallow girl who will f*** us when we tell them they are beautiful.

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