stuck in the middle!

I, an ordinary teenage lost...don't know what to do. i don't know what to say about 9 of my very very close friends. Its like this....lately, i met a friend...we seem prety close....i spend a lot of time with her...i don't realy know how much but i know its alot. and my friends actually don't like her or any of her friends....for reasons i don't know....they just come from two very different worlds i guess....and they think im spending more time with her then i am spending with them. and they say im turning into someone else...not the 'me' that they know...okay i hv broken our school rules a lil bit...done a few things dat m not suppose to.....but who dosent....i mean come not on drugs or an alcohol addict or still me...and i have grown pretty close with her...but they don't like that....even my bestest friend thinks she dosen't know me anymore....when deep down i know i havent changed....and the way she said that to just made me cry....i still care for her...but how do i explain to her that i'll always be me....i'll always be her best friend....and they have already made their decision....their gonna ask me to choose ....if i want her...or if i want them.....and i cant...i care for both her and my friends....but they say if i choose her...then i loose them forever....and if i choose them i loose her forever.....oh really stuck...i realy ned some advice..someone...anyone...please help.

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  • I agree with the person above me. Your new friend sounds like not the greatest person to be around. She may be fun, but when you look at the things you were doing before you started hanging out, and you look at what you're doing now, are they really different? Maybe that's why your old friends think that you've changed. Maybe you have. Its not always a bad thing, but sometimes too much change isn't always good.
    Try to make time for your old friends. They have been there longer, and they'll probably be there.

  • It kind of sounds like this new friend of yours is a bad influence on you. And maybe that is why your friends are confused, they are probably just looking out for you. Don't ditch your friends, your best friend for this new girl.

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